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A: Hi, I’m Denise Diamond. Welcome to The Vital Basics Health Show. If your sex life isn’t as satisfying as it used to be, our guest today says he has some groundbreaking new information that may give you and your partner what you need to re-ignite the spark in your relationship.

We’ll talk about some of the prevailing myths about sex that often prevent couples from enjoying the intimacy that they deserve. And he’ll tell us about a new solution that is safe and easy... and is something you can use right now to improve your Sex life.

Carlon Colker, M.D. is Medical Director and CEO of Peak Wellness in Greenwich, Connecticut. He’s been practicing in the health care field for over 20 years. In fact, he pioneered the first wellness clinic on the East Coast. He is an attending physician at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, Connecticut, and Stamford Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Stamford, Connecticut. He is one of the most sought-after consultants in the country and has written extensively about sexual health, we’re very fortunate to have him on the program today. Dr. Colker, thank you for joining us.

B: Thanks so much for having me.

It’s very clear, very obvious that you’re obviously a very respected medical doctor. What sparked your interest in sexual health? It’s sort of a pathway that most doctors ignore—they just don’t want to go there.

B: Well, Denise, as a specialist in internal medicine, I’ve seen literally thousands of patients over the years for a whole variety of reasons. These range from simple infections and medical conditions—kind of like your sore throat, your common cold—all the way up to severe, even life-threatening illnesses that require hospitalization. Nonetheless—and this is really interesting—the single most common issue among all of them are questions about their sexual health if you ask. I should really add that, as important an issue as sexual health and function is to so many people, they tend to shy away from this subject—they tend to be embarrassed about discussing it. And would you believe that the physicians are no different? They’re actually uncomfortable talking about this subject with their own patients. And that’s almost a crime.

A: When I think of my health, I think of the food that I eat, the exercise that I get... I don’t necessarily think about how important having sex is as it relates to my health.

B: Well, this is such an important point because sex itself is healthy and that’s just a medical fact, We know that sex is healthy and sex is so important to have. It’s important for your proper livelihood and your happiness. And if you’re not having good sex and your sexual health is not intact, then you almost have to wonder about what you’re missing.

A: It’s also common, don’t you think, for people to blame themselves? It starts to feed into self-doubt and low self-esteem and just sort of closing off to the world and your partner. It really is sort of the ‘blame game,’ don’t you think?

B: Oh yeah. The partner... he starts to develop a complex. It really damages the relationship, so much so - you see, the issue is really physical, and that’s what people don’t realize. And that’s of course, a lot more positive. That’s where the... more than ever... these natural options come in to help you, and that’s what we’re here to talk about... exciting breakthroughs like the V-Factor Natural Pack.

A: Is it true or is it not that your sex life goes downhill when you get older?

B: Well, there are issues related to aging that certainly can affect the level of sexual health. There’s no question about that, I don’t think there’s any denying that. But if you’re generally in good health, there’s absolutely no reason—no reason—-why your level of sexual satisfaction can’t be just as high as you get older—maybe even better than when you were younger, and that’s what a lot of people don’t realize. I mean, after all, you’re older and you have more experience. In fact, just last week I got a call from a fellow in his late 60’s that I began actually treating for sexual health about three months ago. Just a little natural support using the V-Factor Natural Pack to enhance his sexual response and function is all that was necessary to really revitalize his sexual health. And I actually love this guy’s quote. He told me, “Doc, I’m eternally grateful to you... and so is my wife.” And that sort of sums it up.

A: Well, of course, the women are involved in this as well, and so are the baby boomers. They’re heading into their 50’s. We hear so much about this generation—they’re that virile generation, they’re that bullet-proof generation. But have you seen an increase in boomers in your practice, and how much of a shock is it to them?

B: Oh, absolutely. That’s a great point. Yes, more than any previous generation, these so-called baby boomers... they want to remain healthy forever. That’s their expectation. They’re not going to climb comfortably into the old rocking chair at too early an age. They’re going to fight it kicking and screaming every step of the way. They want to stay active and healthy until the end and I think that’s a great thing. And this generation’s proactive about their health, and that, of course, includes their sexual health. They’re also becoming well-educated about the natural options and that’s what’s so exciting about the V-Factor Natural Pack. It really fills that need.

A: We’ve talked about getting older and the baby boomers. But what happens is, is that this can also at the same time affect young people as well. I think that there’s an irony there because in our society we think, y’know, the young buck, he’s just out there and no problem there. But nothing could be further from the truth.

B: Yeah. Denise, I have patients coming to see me literally in their 20’s. So this is something that I think has a lot to do with the new openness about this. But there was never really an avenue to go. And they may be the people who really have the toughest time in terms of their confidence and self-esteem. Whether you’re young or old, the point is you can take action and you can do something about it.

A: What do you think is the greatest breakthrough recently in this field? You were just saying the new openness... and I would think that probably it’s just been in the past 5 years that this topic has even been spoken about... aloud, y’know. People wouldn’t even let this topic pass their lips.

B: It was taboo. It’s taboo. You’re not supposed to talk about sex. Y’know, if the rule is that you’re not supposed to talk about sex, then you’re really backed into a corner, and that’s unfortunate.

A: Let’s talk about the breakthroughs that have come with this new openness. What do you think is the biggest breakthrough recently?

B: The idea that a simple substance that we call nitric oxide governs blood flow to the genitals—that’s really the most striking medical breakthrough. In fact, the research proving this theory won the Nobel Prize, and that’s, of course, nothing less than the most prestigious award in all of medicine and science. And that’s impressive. Of course, this is one of the outstanding features of the V-Factor Natural Pack in that it utilizes an active natural ingredient that’s been thoroughly tested and shown to increase levels of nitric oxide.

A: Tell me a little bit more about the V-Factor Natural Pack. I know it’s a product you developed. There’s science behind it. A clinical trial behind it. Could you give us an overview of how it can help men who may feel inadequate sexually?

B: Well, y’know, I formulated the V-Factor Natural pack with ingredients that have been thoroughly tested and they’ve been shown to be safe and effective. The V-factor Natural Pack will help you if your sex life is unsatisfying, or if you just feel like your sex is going downhill—for men who feel like they’ve lost the spark or the sizzle in their sex life.

A: I need to get this straight, for me and for our listeners as well. V-Factor’s involved in production of this substance you were just talking about - Nitric oxide. Is that right?

B: Well, since increasing levels of nitric oxide cause blood vessels to dilate, there’s an increase in blood flow and activity to the genitals. As you increase the circulation, you raise the level of function. As you promote the function, you dramatically improve the sexual satisfaction. It’s that simple.

A: How does V-Factor compare with all those other products we’re seeing out there? And again, that goes back to this new openness—there’s been a rush to market for a lot of products. How does V-Factor set itself apart from the other products?

B: This is a great question. There certainly are quite a number of products out there. But one really nice feature about V-factor Natural Pack is that you don’t need to take it every day. You just take it shortly before sexual activity. And that’s a really important point. I should also point out that V-Factor contains a very precise combination and amount of ingredients that’s designed to be very effective.. It’s like opening a combination lock. That’s the example I like to use. If you don’t have the right combination, you’re never going to open the lock. I’ve see other formulas out there with similar ingredients, but either the levels are too low, or something’s just missing from the formula altogether. With the V-Factor Natural Pack, you have a precise formula in which I’ve personally chosen the ingredients and their levels with a great deal of care. So in my opinion, we really have the thoroughbred of sexual health formulas here.

A: I need to make sure that I have this absolutely correct, though. You just take this shortly before intimacy... and that’s it? It’s that simple? You don’t have to take it every day?

B: It’s that simple. You only need to take the V-Factor Natural Pack shortly before intimacy, so this is not just another multi-vitamin that’s going to sit in your cupboard along with all the other vitamin C’s and what not that you have there that you forget to take half the time anyway. So it’s not going to be a burden. The V-Factor Natural Pack is formulated and designed for a very specific purpose, and that purpose is enhancing sexual satisfaction.

A: What are the kind of results that a person can expect to see? I realize that the results will vary from person to person...

B: Well, that’s an excellent question. We know that the V-factor Natural Pack enhances the quality of the sexual response in men, since it’s been shown in a clinical trial to result in greater sexual satisfaction. And this has been demonstrated clinically. So, of course, enhanced sexual response and function is the primary objective, and that’s what’s been shown in our tests. But I don’t want to forget the ultimate goal. See, all that science is great, but remember, the one thing that every man wants is a closer relationship, a happier couple, and all the benefits that come along with a satisfying level of physical intimacy.

A: And every man deserves that.

B: Amen. And every woman, too.

A: Absolutely; Our guest today... Dr. Carlon Colker. Some very exciting news for men who want to improve their sexual satisfaction... and that of their partner. In just a moment, we’re going to reveal the results of a recent clinical trial on the V-Factor Natural Pack. Some very exciting news for men who want to improve their sexual satisfaction... and that of their partner. Plus we’ll put to bed some of the most common myths about sex—some of which may surprise you. Stay tuned.

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CTA #1

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A: We’re back with Dr. Carlon Colker. We’re talking about sexual response in men and ways in which you can make every day feel like you’re on your honeymoon. And Doctor, I understand you have some exciting news regarding a recent clinical trial on the V-Factor Natural Pack. Could you tell us about that. These results are just fascinating.

B: Yeah, the news is exciting. The V-Factor Natural Pack is a product that I’ve specifically formulated and I’ve clinically tested to support and improve sexual function and response As I like to say, it’s just like dialing the right combination on a lock. The V-Factor Natural Pack has a precise formula and the exact levels of ingredients to unlock sexual potential. Just like the lock example, the right combination of ingredients in the proper proportions is really the key for improving sexual satisfaction.

A: So this was a well-designed clinical trial. And the #1 response was: “Increased sexual satisfaction.” That was the feedback that you got from the men that were in the trial. And isn’t that’s exactly the kind of solution men are looking for?	-

B: Precisely. I mean, if you’re more satisfied with sex, so is your partner.

A: Okay, well, in light of those results, I want you to help me put to rest some of the most popular myths—and we’ve been talking a little bit about this today—about sex. Folks, this is a quiz that Dr. Colker’s come up with—I’ll be taking it with you. He says some of these answers might surprise you. Now this is the first one: Being sexually satisfied becomes more difficult as you get older. Is that true or false? I’m going to say yes. I mean, that’s what we hear in our society. Yes, it gets more difficult.

B: Okay, Denise, this is false. Actually, through intimacy, the bond between you and your partner should be stronger than ever as you grow older. So odds are, if your sexual health is intact, you have a mutually fulfilling and happy relationship with your partner. And that’s where the V-Factor Natural Pack comes gives you that support for sexual function and satisfaction. The bottom line: don’t believe the myth that things have to be more difficult as you get older.

A: Alright, let’s go on to the second question. Talking about sex with your partner is all it takes to improve the quality of sex. I think that is another one of those things that we hear in our society.

B: Well, this is actually false. See, while good communication, of course...y’know, we want to say that’s the foundation of any successful and mutually gratifying relationship...there are some things, as we all know, that a conversation is simply not going to change. And the same is true for poor sexual function. Although in some cases, of course, it might help to talk about things with your partner. In most cases, talking is not going to work.

A: Okay, number 3: Sex is one of the best ways to relieve stress. I’m going to say yes.

B: Yeah, well this is true, absolutely. A satisfying sexual experience is really one of the best possible ways to relieve stress, and this we know. The V-Factor Natural Pack can get you to the point where sex again becomes a great way to relieve stress.

A: All right. Number 4: Sex becomes less important as the years go by. You and I have talked about this today, so I know that it’s false. But I think my knee-jerk reaction is to say, yeah, it gets less important as you get older.

B: Yeah, well, this is false. You see, in fact, many couples say that, once the kids, they’re up and going to college or they move out of the house, they kind of re-discover this joy of intimacy and they realize that a sexual relationship is going to be more exciting and it’s going to bring them even closer than ever. But, again, sometimes you need a little support, and that’s where the V-Factor Natural Pack can help make a big difference in their sexual satisfaction.

A: Number 5: Most sexual function issues are the result of poor self-esteem or lack of confidence. I will say that that’s a pretty big part of the picture, but it’s not the whole picture.

B: Mm Hmm. Yeah, that’s false. You see, that’s what the conventional wisdom used to be. That’s really nonsense...that’s nonsense. With my patients. I’ve found that, once we get things functioning well physically, that the confidence and self-esteem generally they take care of themselves.

A: It’s really too bad that there was such a general lack of knowledge in the medical field about sexual health, don’t you think?

B: Oh yeah. I mean, we were really off in the wrong direction. But we have much more knowledge under our belts right now, and we’re better able to tackle that issue.

A: So it’s a good time and a good place to reach out for help, even if it feels like a risky proposition.

B: It most certainly is.

A: Well those answers are really interesting to the quiz, I think. Do you find that a lot of people come to your practice and have these types of misconceptions about sex?

B: Oh yeah, that’s a great point. So many people have misconceptions about sex. But the good news is that there used to be dozens of myths that people believed, but with the new openness around the topic, those myths are really quickly disappearing. As a physician, of course, that’s very gratifying because the end result is that I’m better able to help my patients, and of course my patients are better equipped with the proper knowledge to actually help themselves.	

A: How about women who might be listening now, and the man in her life is maybe frustrated or ashamed and he’s reluctant to do anything about it... there’s tension, you can cut the tension between them with a knife. Would you recommend they call and get the V-Factor Natural Pack as a way to help him be proactive and start doing something or... 

B: Well look, there’s no question about it. I can’t think of a more caring and intimate gift than the gift of re-igniting the sexual spark in a couple’s relationship. And... no, it’s not fair to yourself or your partner to be ashamed of this or hold back in doing something about it. You should do something about it and you should do something about it right now.

A: I should think that it would be a gift of love, actually. And one of intimacy to someone.

B: Most certainly. Most certainly is.

A: Our guest today is Dr. Carlon Colker. He’s here with new information on improving your sex life. We’ll be back to talk with the doctor a little bit more in just a minute...

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CTA #2

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A: We’re back now with Dr. Carlon Colker. Our topic today is a sensitive one, but it’s definitely one worth talking about because it affects so many men of all ages every day, and also affects their partners, too. We’re talking about sexual satisfaction and how you can get that spark back into your relationship. And certainly you’ve probably seen in your practice that there’s a lot of secretive... or secret-keeping around this issue, don’t you think?

B: Oh, there’s no question about it. I mean, we’re talking about a sensitive topic and it’s a topic that stabs right at the male ego, this issue of intimacy. Sometimes the first response is to sort of go into a denial and try to ignore this and feel like you don’t have a friend in the world, not even your partner. You just can’t even talk about it.

A: That’s right. You just retreat into yourself.

B: And this is true with physicians, too. I mean, again, sometimes you see physicians, how they approach this in a skittish fashion. They’re concerned about talking about it...they don’t want to go into this subject. And that’s, of course, terrible...that’s a real, that’s really a crime.

A: There have been results concerning the V-Factor Natural Pack. What are the results that you’ve seen?

B: Oh yeah, I’ve seen some inspiring cases using the V-Factor Natural Pack. In fact, not too long ago, I had a 50 year-old fellow, and he’d been married to his wife for about 30 years. And although they were having considerably less sex in comparison to when they were first married—which, of course, happens—they were still sexually active up until about a year ago. When he came to see me, I gave him the V-Factor Natural Pack with the goal of helping him, and 3 weeks later he actually called me up on the phone...he was thrilled out of his mind... he called it ‘sexual energy.’ And he was telling me how he got it back. And I was really thrilled as well. And for me, this particular case, as a clinician, this was a case where I really felt for the guy. I mean, it ate him alive... it stabbed at the ego, as many men can understand. So with the V-Factor Natural Pack it was like he had a re-birth... a new lease on life, if you will, is kind of the way he looked at it.

A: So it extended into other parts of his life as well.

B: There’s no question about it. Again, far-reaching, affecting the couple, affecting even the family, affecting his personal happiness. This is such an important point.

A: Before the break we were talking about the V-Factor Natural Pack. Tell me, is this something that someone should take only if their sex life is going downhill—and I know that there’s people who want me to ask this question—or can this help an already good sex life be even better? If good is good, we want it to be great.

B: Right. Well, again, y’know, I’m a preventive physician... try to prevent things before you have a problem. So of course, if you have a good sex life, it may make it a great sex life. And that’s something to keep in mind, too. So you want to get to this before it becomes an issue.

A: Knowing that there’s a positive clinical trial behind this... and everybody wants to be safe... this should give men out there who are listening a peace of mind that they can trust the product, that they can believe in that. Can you tell us a little bit more about that?

B: Oh yeah, well, this is the idea that we have a clinical trial behind this supporting the effectiveness of the product in terms of increasing sexual satisfaction. And that’s so important. And, of course, the ingredients in the V-Factor Natural Pack have been well-investigated and the ingredients have been carefully selected, and there’s quite an amount of research behind these substances... in particular the one that we spoke about, the idea of increasing nitric oxide, and that’s something that one of the ingredients in the V-Factor Natural Pack can really do, and that’s what’s amazing.

A: For our listeners who are just tuning in... once again, the V-Factor Natural Pack consists of capsules that you take shortly before intimacy? You just take it shortly before intimacy, it’s as simple as that?

B: It’s as simple as that. It’s not going to be like something that becomes a burden in your life. It’s not going to sit there in your cupboard with your multi-vitamins, your vitamin C’s... all of these other substances that you forget to take half the time anyway. This is a substance that’s specifically formulated for a specific purpose and that purpose is increasing your sexual satisfaction, and that’s so important to recognize.

A: So many of the other natural supplements that are on the market now purport to have specific results. The V-Factor Natural Pack, however, is a lot different than a lot of those other supplements that are on the market. Could you tell us a little bit more about that?

B: Well again, yes, compared to other products... you have to remember again, this is not something that you have to take every day. You only need to take this substance shortly before intimacy, and that’s important to recognize. Also the fact that this has been clinically tested, y’know... you have to really look for substances out there that are clinically tested... that have withstood the rigors of clinical science.

A: Yes, I think the science is what makes the difference with this product. We’re almost out of time, can you believe it? Is there anything else that you’d like to say to our listeners who themselves or maybe someone, a loved one of theirs or maybe just a friend of theirs might be experiencing low sexual response... why should they call now and take action?

B: Well, again, it’s really important to recognize—for the listeners out there to recognize—that they deserve to have a satisfying sex life. And every day they put it off, every day they ignore what’s going on in their lives, they’re going to be missing out on a critical part of their relationship. And it’s also kind of selfish because, as I think, you’re denying the intimacy to your partner, too, so in a big way you have to do it for her as well.

A: There is, it seems to me, a barrier;. .and we’ll call it embarrassment… to a man reaching out and taking the risk to try V-Factor. The embarrassment can be overwhelming. Can you just sort of give some inside advice to someone who’s just sitting there going, Oh. This is just too painful for me to reach out and get this help.

B: Oh, y’know Denise, I’m so glad you brought that up. It’s a very sensitive point, and it’s a great point to make and something I really think is probably the most important thing to mention. Privacy is key, and I certainly don’t want the men out there thinking that when they order that somehow the V-Factor Natural Pack truck is going to pull up in front of their house. That’s simply not going to happen. The order’s completely confidential. The shipment’s going to be sent to you discreetly without any obvious labeling. The confidentially is really the single most important thing to emphasize.

A: And about the 30-day money back guarantee?

B: Oh yes. The money back... absolutely something I’ve insisted upon. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results, of course you’re going to be able to return it for your money back. There’s no questions asked. There’s no risk.

A: Carlon Colker, M.D. has been our guest today. Doctor, thank you for joining us. You’ve helped us feel more comfortable about discussing this and I know that it’s a difficult subject for men to talk about. That’s okay, though, because confidentiality is guaranteed with V-Factor. Thanks a lot. Dr. Colker, you’ve been a great help today.

B: Thank you so much, and I thank the listeners out there.

A: I’m Denise Diamond. Take care and God Bless.

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CTA COPY: If you’d like more information about the V-Factor Natural Pack, please call: 1-800-XXX-XXXX. That’s 1-800-XXX-XXXX. It’s a toll-free number, and your call is completely confidential.

V-factor is safe, the active ingredients are all-natural and it’s delivered in plain packaging to respect your privacy. As you heard the doctor say, a recent clinical trial of the V-Factor Natural Pack indicated a significant improvement in overall sexual satisfaction. Plus, the concept behind V-Factor is based on Nobel Prize-winning research.

We’ve worked out a special arrangement with Vital Basics. Call now and find out how you can get a free 1-month supply with your order. Be sure to mention this program when you make that confidential call. I urge you to call now and take advantage of that special offer. If the line’s busy, please keep trying. It’s 1-800-XXX-XXXX. That’s 1-800-XXX-XXXX.

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