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Announcer: Welcome to the VitalBasics radio program with Dr. Shari Lieberman and Carlon Colker, M.D. Today, Drs. Lieberman and Colker talk about a revolutionary new approach to solving some of today’s most talked about health issues, including sexual performance, poor memory, concerns about prostate health, and emotional well-being. And now, let’s join Dr. Shari Lieberman and Dr. Carlon Colker...

Shari Lieberman: Welcome to the VitalBasics radio show. I’m Dr. Shari Lieberman. Let me just tell you a little bit about my background. I hold a Ph.D. in clinical nutrition and exercise physiology. I am an instructor at the University of Bridgeport School of Human Nutrition. I’m a board member of the certification board for nutrition specialists, and I’ve written several books: The Real Vitamin and Mineral Book, and Get off the Menopause Roller coaster.

Carlon Colker, M.D.: And this is Carlon M. Colker, M.D. I’m a physician, medical director and chief executive officer of Peak Wellness in Greenwich, Connecticut. I’m an attending physician at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, at Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, Connecticut, Stanford Hospital and St. Joe’s in Stanford.

SL: Well, it’s great to have you with us. Today we’re going to talk about something a little personal. And what we’re going to talk about is your libido, and how to make it sing. Because y’know what, Carlon? I found in my practice... a lot of women are complaining about low sexual energy, and low sexual function... and y’know something? It isn’t only menopausal women. I’m seeing women in their 20’s and their 30’s. I’ve seen my fair share of guys, but most of of the men that I’ve seen are probably in the 50’s, but...

CC: Guys and gals. Guys and gals. But they’re getting younger, y’know. I mean, men and women in their 20’s, even. 30’s and 20’s, I mean literally. I think if you’re an adult male or female, y’know, it’s almost invariable that you’re gonna come across this problem at some point in your life, and that’s libido, sexual arousal... and these are things that we’re discussing.

SL: Y’know, and I think it becomes depressing when that happens. Y’know... you don’t feel satisfied, you can’t satisfy your partner... but, there’s a light at the end of tunnel. Because today we’ll be speaking about a very special all-natural product called V-Factor that has very special ingredients that will really get your sexual energy back to where it needs to be.

CC: Absolutely. And these ingredients, which are found in the V-Factor... I’ve been using them for years in my medical clinic.

SL: Now, Carlon what I’d like to talk about now is probably a little bit more serious and a little bit heavier... and it’s really the consequences of failing sexual performance. How it affects someone’s relationship, their marriage, the emotional aspect of it. Do you have something that you can share with us?

CC: It’s extraordinarily difficult when an individual, or individuals who have had a healthy relationship, a married relationship for many years, start to experience decreased sexual interest. Sometimes it’s not a big deal, but a lot of other times it is a big deal. And this can be extraordinarily difficult. I... one case comes to mind I remember. This gentleman had been married to his wife for over 30 years. And, although they were having considerably less sex than they did when they had first gotten married... which is also typical... they were still sexually active up until about a year ago. So it’s, it’s a fallacy to think that individuals aren’t sexually active when they get older. But, when there’s a decline, even... however small it is... when there’s a decline in that sexual activity it is noticeable and it does put a tremendous stress on the relationship... and in their case, it was quite difficult.

SL: Well, y’know why it’s hard? Y’know why, Carlon? Because, when that happens in a relationship, y’know, you also have to assure your partner... like he had to keep assuring his wife that it wasn’t her. I mean, there’s so much emotional baggage that gets accumulated when that happens. Because, especially... I could imagine the wife thinking, is it me? Did he lose his interest in me?

CC: It’s only natural. I mean, how can one partner not think that about the other? They must think, well, my god, it must be me. I must be somehow failing you. And that’s... it’s a terrible burden psychologically to put upon themselves. So...

SL: What about his desire? Was it desire and also the physical ability?

CC: That’s a great question. Sometimes it’s desire, sometimes it’s physical ability, and sometimes it’s looped up into both. I generally find.’s kind of like, which came first—the chicken or the egg... because, somehow or another, if one happens to you, then the other’s almost invariably gonna follow. And urn... when he came to see me, not only did I do a complete physical exam, I also had him checked out by a urologist, because I thought that was important. And, luckily, with the exception of a mild increase in the size of his prostate, he really got a clean bill of health. And, of course, that’s great when your doctor says that to you, but it doesn’t solve your problem... and it certainly didn’t solve his problem getting a—quote unquote—clean bill of health. I think this was a major concern of his. And it’s a major concern with a lot of patients his age. I put him on very significant doses of a combination or Argenine and saw palmetto, which is exactly what’s found in V-Factor. Three weeks later—three weeks!—he was thrilled. I mean, he had...

SL: Oh, awesome...

CC: ... tremendous sexual energy, as he called it. Really, it just nudged him in the right direction. He had his sexual energy, as he called it, it had returned. And these ingredients, which are found in the V-Factor... I’ve been using them for years in my medical clinic to actual stimulate sexual energy and support the health of my patients, which I’m sure that you’ve done the same thing.

SL: Exac... Y’know, Carlon, maybe we should talk a little bit about what those ingredients are.

CC: Sure.

SL: One of them, I think that has the most amount of research is an ingredient called L-Argenine. It’s just a simple, all-natural amino acid. And what that has actually been shown to do is to support healthy erections in men.

CC: Absolutely. And y’know, the combination of Argenine, saw palmetto for men is such a great, simple combination, especially in effective doses, and we’ll talk about that for a minute. And for women, Argenine and ginseng... fabulous combination.

SL: It works so well. I mean, this is an all-natural product that can help with your sexual performance, sexual energy... and this is something, once again, we’re finding it isn’t quite so age-related anymore. We think, y’know, at 50 or 60 we’re supposed to be that way, but what we’re finding, in fact, is that we don’t have to be that way... whether we’re 20, 30, 40, or 70... here’s something completely natural. Now, the Argenine is really important. And what’s really interesting about it, Carlon, is that it works for both men and women. For men, it actually helps maintain something called nitric oxide. And what it does is, y’know, you have to have that blood flow to the area...

CC: That’s what it is...

SL: We have to have it flow to the genitals. And what’s happening is... our lifestyles... we’re not exercising enough, we’re not eating right, we’re very stressed. Y’know, there’s a whole plethora of reasons why, in our environment and our society... y’know, I have to say really, maybe in the last 2 years of my practice, I’ve probably heard more complaints about libido, than in the 18 years that I’ve been seeing patients.

CC: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, it’s on the rise, and I think that has to do with the new openness that’s... a lot of the clinicians out there are having with their patients. I think it’s terrific people are coming forward and speaking about these problems. But, y’know, I really should talk about the fact that these ingredients... not just the Argenine, but the ginseng for women, the combination... and the Argenine, the saw palmetto and the ginkgo for men... I mean, these combinations are what’s important, and I’ve always used these substances separately, Shari. That’s probably true with you, too, right?

SL: Yes.

CC: But it’s great to see that these terrific ingredients are really combined in the two simple and easy-to-use formulas. This is the first time that I’ve seen them combined with effective dosage. That’s... that’s important, and that’s my warning. Because there’s a ridiculous number of other supplements that you’re gonna see out there that have the same ingredients, perhaps, that are found in V-Factor... but you gotta pay attention to the dosage. You see, that’s the problem. The dosage.

SL: Yeah. I’m going to use a technical word. What other companies do is they schpritz it in. Schpritz is...

CC: Don’t schpritz. That’s what you do to your plants!

SL: Don’t schpritz. Now you know what? That’s very important what you said. Because you know as well as I do... as you know, we’ve used supplements in our practices since the beginning of time. Y’know, you look at a product that’s supposed to deliver what it’s promising. So if you’re using another product that claims it has Argenine, if it doesn’t have the correct amount, it’s not going to deliver what it promises.

CC: Don’t schpritz! That’s what Shari said.

SL: Just say no!	

CC: Just say no. The amounts of the ingredients that are found in V-Factor—again, just as Shari points out— they’re all consistent with scientific research... and you’ve gotta have research to back the ingredients that you put in your product. Now, other formulas... they claim that they have the same ingredients, but you gotta check the label. And you know what I call it, Shari? You gotta do what you do in the grocery store. You gotta check the label, right?

SL: You gotta check... and the same thing with the ginkgo. Y’know, if you schpritz ginkgo in, and you put in 10 milligrams, it’s not going to deliver what a product’s going to deliver if it has the proper amount of ginkgo. So this is... when I say scientifically developed, Carlon and I are both researchers, we’re clinicians, we’re practitioners, and we use the correct amounts because we read the studies. What I love about V-Factor for Men and V-Factor for Women is that this is a product that’s delivering the promise. This is a product that is delivering what it says it’s going to deliver. The correct amount... the amounts that were used in the studies... and, y’know, it’s just a wonderful thing to be able to have something available for people that’s... it’s safe, it’s effective... we have a separate formula for men, there’s a separate formula for women... and it works for really achieving a more positive, more healthy, more vibrant sexual energy. And I think that’s what it’s all about is... people are losing... losing your libid... that sounds like a great name for a book: Losing Your Libido... or a movie!

CC: My goodness, we’ve got another book.

SL: Do you like?

CC: Between the two of us...

SL: Losing your libido. But people are losing their libido...

CC: Absolutely...

SL: And they don’t feel sexual... and they don’t feel like their sexual performance is where it could be. And y’know, maybe for a man it’s a little bit more of a problem than for a woman. What can I say??

CC: What’s more discouraging... is when people have those problems, and they turn to products that... and they’re notgetting the kind of dosage that they... that nec... that necessitates a proper function... then, of course, you’re not getting the right ingredients, not getting the right amounts... and V-Factor does provide you with the full dose you need. That's what’s important. It’s kind of like, y’know, you get ripped off at the diner. All right? You go there and imagine asking for a plate of French fries, and the waiter comes back and he puts a plate of two French Fries in front of you! And then he proceeds to argue with you somehow, that, like, well, you did say French Fries... y’know. And needless to say, 2 French Fries won’t fill you up. So it’s the same thing...

SL: It’s not the full order.

CC: It’s not the full order. So get the full order.

SL: Get the full order. Now, y’know, there are a couple of other things that we should probably touch upon. The saw palmetto for men is so important. Saw Palmetto supports healthy prostate function. I have to tell you something: All my husband hears every day is prostate, prostate, prostate. He hears it, y’know, in the news... he reads it in the newspaper...

CC: Absolutely. Because, Shari, it’s supported by science. The research tell us that saw palmetto will support healthy prostate function. It promotes prostate health. It promotes healthy urinary tract function, and normal urine flow, and normal voiding patterns... or urinating patterns.

SL: And this is really important because I think that men are becoming acutely aware of this much younger in life. I mean, even if you’re 20... it’s almost like, now when I see some young men in my practice, I have men in their 20’s and 30’s overly concerned about what their prostate’s going to be like when they’re 50. because their father doesn’t have great prostate health... their uncle... whatever. So I think it’s a kind of in-your-face kind of thing. So this is a product that men really get a double-whammy with. They get the support for erections... which is very important. They also get the support for keeping a healthy prostate. And they also get something that is in the men’s and women’s formula, which is the ginkgo. Now, the ginkgo for men... it’s very important for both men and women. It supports the healthy micro-circulation. So, once again, we’re talking about the blood flow to the sexual organs and other parts of the body as well. But ginkgo also helps with memory, cognitive function—it’s a very very important supplement that a lot of people have heard about. And I think that, y’know... I think when your sexual energy is lacking, Carlon, I believe that it can affect other things in your life.

CC: Yeah, absolutely.

SL: You. don’t feel as vibrant. You don’t feel as “up.” Y’know, it isn’t necessarily that you feel tired... it’s just kind of... I would think that it would almost be depressing. I think when you’re...

CC: And for some people it’s even worse than that. For some people, they’re very disillusioned, they’re very disheartened. It can ruin marriages. It can really... it can really cause a lot of problems.

SL: And I think that one thing about this product, once again, which I think is so important... is it’s natural. In the men’s formula you get Argenine, you get ginkgo biloba, you get the saw palmetto. These ingredients are extremely important. You also get Siberian ginseng. In the women’s formula, you get the L-Argenine, the ginkgo biloba and the Siberian ginseng. Siberian ginseng is also a product that I think a lot of people are interested in as well. A lot of people are taking ginseng supplements. So this is a supplement, once again, that supports your overall health and well-being. But most important, it’s dealing with a very, very personal issue. And we’re going to come back in a little bit. We’ll be talking more about V-Factor. So I’d like everyone to stay tuned. Once again, you’re listening to the VitalBasics radio show, joined with Dr. Carlon Colker and Dr. Shari Lieberman. And we’ll be right back, so stay tuned.

CTA #1

SL: Welcome back to VitalBasics radio show. You’re joined with Dr. Shari Lieberman and my co-host, Dr. Carlon Colker. Carlon, I think, y’know, what I’d like to do now is kind of share our clinical experience. Because I think we bring something to the table in that... we’re talking about ingredients... we’re talking about the science... but you and I have actually used these ingredients in our practices. And what’s great is... now you’ve got a supplement that’s an all-in one. But... share with me a little bit.

CC: We talk so much about men, and men having problems... and I don’t have to tell you, Shari...

SL: Hey, women have problems, too!

CC: ... that women also suffer from decreased libido and other sexual problems. And, y’know, one case in particular comes to mind. Not too long ago, a young women... would you believe she was 28 years old...

SL: I do believe.

CC: Well, she came to see me, uh, with among other issues a complaint of not being able to become sexually aroused. Now, here’s the sad part of the story. She spent an enormous amount of time and money seeking psychiatric counseling at the advice of one of her friends...

SL: Boy...

CC: Well, this is not an unusual story. Then, y’know, they told her that she was a Type-A personality... she’s too stressed, she needs to have more rest for herself, etcetera, etcetera. Y’know, if you’re too stressed, y’know, obviously you want to avoid stress. And, y’know, you want to take time for yourself and relax. And all those things can help. But she tried all of that and it didn’t change her condition one bit.

SL: Frustrating.

CC: Now, remember, this was a relatively young woman. So she even tried taking a couple of the over-the-counter pro-hormones. You’ve seen those?

SL: Sure. Like the creams and all that kind of stuff. Yeah.

CC: Now... she was actually taking one at the time she came to see me. So, I, of course immediately stopped that nonsense because the side effects in an individual like this would be just incredible and particularly scary. And instead, I chose a natural regimen of Argenine and ginseng. Huh... there ya go... and these substances, as we mentioned, they support healthy circulation. They’re exactly what we find in V-Factor. And in her case the results were dramatic. It was almost as if all her body needed was a little bit of a nudge with the natural ingredients to get her the right direction...

SL: But isn’t that amazing. You want to know something? If you think about what people have tried... and you know what? What people will do to fix that problem.

CC: And... and fortunately in her case, she responded quite well to something that was natural and available...

SL: Super...

CC: ... in this case, in the form of V-Factor.

SL: Y’know, I really want to say to everybody out there: if you are experiencing sexual decline. And sexual... I’m not talking about your age. You can have sexual decline if you’re 28... you can have sexual decline when you’re 48... you can have sexual decline if you’re 68. We’re not talking about... we’re getting away from the age factor, and instead we’re going to be talking about the V-Factor. And this is a product, once again... if you’re experiencing a decline in your sexual performance—you’re not getting that zip and zing that you used to...

CC: If you’re stressed because your pager keeps going off.

SL: That’s right! If your pager keeps going off and that's affecting your sexual performance... Nothing personal, Carlon, of course... but this is a product that... you have nothing to... Y’know what I love, Carlon? I love when the downside is... nothing. The fact of the matter is that the studies support and show; L-Argenine... safe and effective for both men and women. Very important. Once, again, we’re talking about the blood getting to your sexual organs and that’s very important. We’re talking about the ginkgo biloba, which also supports circulation. We’re talking about the saw palmetto for men. I mean, a lot of young guys, and certainly almost every man that I see over 50’s taking saw palmetto now. I mean, it’s a very important thing for men to take. And we’re also talking about Siberian ginseng because... that’s something that... people like to take ginseng, and I think that this is a very, very synergistic formula. Once again, it’s safe, it’s natural... there’s no downside. And I love that as a clinician. And, y’know, I’ve spent my whole life recommending specific dietary supplements, exercise regimens, y’know, dietary interventions... I like to do the safe thing first.

CC: Absolutely. And, y’know, one of the things I want to go back to is, again, other products that I’ve seen out there that some of my patients bring me to take a look at and stuff, y’know, that I’ve seen, not only cheat you out of the amounts of the ingredients that you need to see results, but they disguise what they’re doing by also including insignificant amounts—or, as you put it...

SL: Schpritz!

CC: ... schpritzing. A schpritz of a whole bunch of other ingredients. And I always warn my patients to stay away from products like that. Um, y’know, it’s sort of like what I call the “shotgun effect” They put piddly doses in of everything but the kitchen sink, right, Shari? And then their formulas... y’know, they hope that it hits you with something that works. And, unfortunately, all it does is, uh, lighten your wallet.

SL: Well, y’know, maybe... maybe sometimes people think, y’know, if a product has 20-30 ingredients in it it’s going to work better. No. The 20, 30 ingredients... maybe you’re sacrificing an amount of 1 or 2 ingredients that are really necessary for it to work. You’re listening to Dr. Shari Lieberman and Dr. Carlon Colker on the VitalBasics radio show. Stay tuned, because we’ll be right back.

CTA #2

SL: And welcome back to VitalBasics’ radio with Dr. Shari Lieberman and Dr. Carlon Colker. Carlon, I just want to kind of recap a little bit about what V-Factor does... y’know, the fact there is a very special formula for men, a very special formula for women... because if some people haven’t noticed, we are a little bit different...

CC: That’s the point—we’re different...

SL: We’re a little different...

CC: Gosh, we’re the same in so many ways. What is that book... Men are from Venus, Women are From Mars... or is it the other way around...

SL: One of those things.

CC: One of those things. But, y’know, again... I’ve been using the ingredients that are found in V-Factor for years in my medical clinic with my patients. And it helps to stimulate sexual energy. And support the health of my patients. And remember, different formulas... different sexes. You’ve got Argenine and ginseng for women, and Argenine, saw palmetto and ginkgo for men. And that’s what’s terrific. These ingredients are combined into two simple, easy-to-use formulas.

SL: I... and, once again, who can benefit from this? If you are feeling not the same pep and drive as you have had in the past when it comes to sex... if your sexual desire, sexual performance, sexual energy, just isn’t what it’s been in the past... And I have to tell you something: This is a product that, once again, you have nothing to lose. If you are experiencing low sex drive, low sexual desire... if you’ve never experienced your sexual performance or desire to where it should be... whether you’re a man or a woman or you want to perhaps enhance your sexual performance or desire, this is a product, once again... why not give it a try? There’s no downside... it’s completely safe and natural, and I just love that about the product.

CC: Yeah, I mean, look. This is a sensitive subject. But as a physician, I can tell you that, uh, patients are now... patients and doctors are now speaking about this very sensitive subject. There’s a wonderful new openness, and I know that it’s a difficult subject for so many people. So here we are on the radio, discussing this subject openly, and discussing what I think is a healthy, all-natural way to stimulate sexual appetite, sexual energy.

SL: And it’s something, once again, that so many people are complaining of. As I said, in my practice—maybe ‘cause men don’t want to let their hair down as much as the women—I mean, women will come into my practice and sometimes talk about that perhaps as their number-one secret...

CC: Now, you see, men let their hair down in my practice all the time. I don’t understand this, Shari...

SL: See? I dunno... now why do they tell you and they don’t tell me? What’s going on here?

CC: Vive le difference.

SL: Vive le difference. But, y’know. this is something where a lot of people... Y’know, Carlon, it’s almost like you don’t feel whole if you don’t feel sexual. And you know when you were talking... when we were talking earlier about that patient of yours that... the husband and wife. I have women who are very concerned... they don’t feel sexual and their very concerned that their husband... I, I’ve had women specifically say to me, I keep telling him it’s not him...		

CC: That’s what we call a relationship. I mean, there ya go. When you’re in a relationship, one partner depends on the other for supporting their own health and happiness. So, y’know, one cannot feel otherwise... and to feel somehow that they might have failed. And so, it’s really tragic to see these kinds of things, and it’s wonderful to know that we have a way to address them.

SL: Now, this is Dr. Shari Lieberman...

CC: And this is Carlon M. Colker, M.D.

SL: Saying goodbye to you. This is the VitalBasics radio show, and I hope that you join us next time. So we’ll see you soon.

CTA copy: If you’re listening to this program and you’d like more information about V-Factor, the advanced-formula supplement that enhances sexual function, please call toll-free: 1-800-XXX-XXXX. That’s 1-800-XXX-XXXX. You can now get on a 30-day risk-free trial direct from Vitalbasics. Mention this program when you order and you can even get a 30-day supply absolutely free. Be sure to ask for the details. V-Factor is an effective, all-natural supplement guaranteed to give you noticeable results quickly or your money back. If you need some help with sexual function... if you have concerns about prostate health, memory or cognitive function, please call right now. There’s a formula specifically for men, and a formula specifically for women. Call now and be sure to ask about our special offer. It’s 1-800-XXX-XXXX. That’s 1-800-XXX-XXXX.

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