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If you are interested in creating successful direct response radio ads, start a swipe file right now.

A swipe file is your personal collection of performance-based radio commercials, jingles, and creative ideas that intrigue you. If you listen to the radio, most of these will be available for you for free on multiple radio stations in your area.

All you will have to do is stop and examine each one, looking for ads you think are pulling well or beating control.

Collect a variety radio spots from all segments of the market – consumer electronics, sporting goods, food, clothing, office supplies, books and videos, collectibles, and dietary supplements.

As you collect these direct response radio ads in your swipe file, you will be refining your taste in performance marketing.

There may be nothing new in the radio advertising, but there are thousands of ways to adapt an old approach. And it just makes good sense to know what the other guy is doing. He may be doing it better than you.

So, become a packrat and build your own radio ad swipe file of every commercial (good, bad and indifferent) and file them either by product classification, by length, or by format (dialogue, vox pop, story, straight pitch, etc.). It is not enough just to collect.

The best practice is the study and application of the techniques of the pros, of which the swipe file is an essential component, especially when it comes to direct response radio ads as you need to change your hooks often, or else your audience may get tired with you.

Therefore it is not enough just to collect.

Analyze them, looking for what works: a real grabber, an unbeatable synthesis of copy and words, an offer that cannot be turned down, a call to action that forces you to call the 1-800 number, or how guarantees, 1-800 number presentation, value proposition, qualification, price presentation etc. are handled.

To help you start with your personal swipe file, see the direct response radio ad transcripts I have collected.

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