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For years I have watched so-called gurus promise quick riches from the kitchen table or untold sales by applying the ready-to-use “secrets” of direct response / direct marketing / performance marketing.

It is my hope this blog will cut through the nonsense and explain step-by-step how to effectively promote your business the performance-based way and avoid costly mistakes.

Entrepreneurs, startup owners, senior marketing executives, affiliate marketers, infomarketers and marketing specialists will find here not only the best marketing strategies and tactics but also how to plan, build and supervise a working performance marketing program which brings sales each and every day.

Performance marketing is the fastest growing method of reaching both the consumer and the business / industrial markets. It suffers from the fact that it can be practiced by almost anyone, apparently without the need for training or experience.

In fact, it is a highly sophisticated, highly creative mixture of art and science.

On this blog, I will cover the philosophy, mathematics, creative aspects and techniques of all branches of performance / direct marketing, including digital marketing, telemarketing, direct response ads, and even door-to-door distribution.

The increasing costs of traditional promotional activities (including sales reps, wholesaler/retail distribution) have induced more and more companies to look at performance marketing as the most cost-effective method for at least a part of their business.

In the field of travel, financial services, publishing, charities, and even politics, performance marketing is becoming increasingly important.

This blog will cover all of these areas and provide numerous case histories to demonstrate the effectiveness of performance-based marketing strategies and tactics.

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