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To succeed in a big way, an ecommerce marketer must have a strategic plan. A strategic plan develops a business’s opportunities and provides the comprehensive thinking required to run the ecommerce site and give it direction.

The lack of a strategic plan, on the other hand, results in overlooked opportunities, drift, and, sometimes, failure.

To develop a strategic plan, ecommerce marketers must decide:

1. what their product strategy should be;
2. how deeply they should go into traffic buying;
3. whether or not they should invest in new customers;
4. use content marketing, or use direct media buys;
5. how they should deal with competition, and many similar questions.

Answering these questions provides the basis for the individual strategies that form a strategic plan for an ecommerce business.

Yet, developing these individual ecommerce strategies is outside the experience of most marketers. Although ecommerce marketers try to attend ecommerce webinars, conferences or summits, their knowledge is based primarily on the rather narrow experiences of their own businesses.

They do not have the opportunity to examine many ecommerce companies to learn what makes them succeed or fail. Ecommerce marketers must also understand the implications of a given strategy so they can apply it correctly to their own site.

But, preoccupied with their online stores’ daily operations, and lacking broad experience, most ecommerce marketers are not able to think through their strategic options fully.

At the same time, there is little written to guide them in developing their strategies. A scattering of articles that address particular aspects of ecommerce strategies have been published, but there has been no systematic effort to present all the available profit strategies.

There has been no one source to which an ecommerce marketer could go for help.

That is the purpose of this blog, written from my own direct experience in working with a multitude of ecommerce clients to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and develop the strategics that best suit each of their individual circumstances.

This blog is written for the veteran ecommerce marketer, but because no ecommerce marketer can long afford to remain a beginner, it is written for the beginner, too.

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