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One major objective of this blog is to persuade you to avoid reinventing the wheel – spending time, money, and energy designing that which has already been designed and is available – which so many of us do when we fail to become aware of and use what is already at hand.

This blog is to offer help in avoiding that futile act of reinvention.

This is why I will provide in the blog posts a complete collection of basic marketing management tools and of resources already available to use in planning and carrying out performance marketing campaigns of all kinds.

In these articles you will find the distilled wisdom of a great many experienced performance marketers presented as ideas, examples, samples, worksheets, forms, planning guides, and lists of marketing management resources.

Here you will find at least the core of almost every kind of tool you will need to plan, implement, and carry out your performance marketing campaigns, from ideas for managing the writing of effective copy to worksheets to help you analyze your marketing problem and synthesize a strategy and campaign idea.

You are free to borrow the ideas and information whole or adapt them to your own needs and marketing management purposes.

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