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Smart business-to-business professionals are justifiably concerned with finding and keeping clients. The competition is fiercer than ever, especially for small and medium-sized firms.

This blog should be a valuable step-by-step guide for both every B2B marketer and non-marketing executive who has ever wondered where and how to find the next client.

I hope it will be an eye-opener for those who have been reluctant to actively market their B2B firm’s products or services – either because they did not know how to proceed or because they were afraid it would distract them from their day-to-day business.

In the concise guides, checklists, and tips I will share my knowledge of working with world-renowned businesses (such as Harvard Business Review or AON) as well as smaller firms. I will show you techniques you can apply to improve your business development efforts and expand your client base.

Once you begin using these techniques, you will start to see your company in a new light and find business opportunities where you thought none existed before.

Based on actual B2B case studies, my blog posts will show you why it is important to set specific goals and how to develop a realistic marketing plan.

I will explain why you need to organize your internal marketing operations, how to establish a powerful database, and, most importantly, how to generate leads and turn prospects into clients.

Without spending a dime on added staff or outside consultants, you will learn essential performance-based marketing techniques that will give your firm more clients.

You will discover the amazing power of multi-step marketing strategies, the secrets of effective online media buys, and the best ways to use digital and offline activities to your advantage. You will also discover why some online and offline seminars, as well as special events, generate new business and why others fall short.

By helping you organize the business development aspect of your work, my performance marketing blog will enable you to put in place the necessary goals that will strengthen and expand your client base. In addition, it will give you the freedom to concentrate on delivering the B2B services or products for which your firm has been retained.

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