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This blog contains a wealth of information about writing copy and about direct response promotion. Every idea, every tip, every copy approach it contains has been tested by either me or another leading expert in the performance marketing promotion tactics.

So, if you are a copywriter, this blog will give you instant access to a wide range of tested techniques used by many of the B2C and B2B most successful copywriters.

With the advice coming from my copywriting guides and tips provided on the blog, you can take the guesswork out of your copy efforts and match your own ideas with those of leading experts. How long should your headline be? Look it up on the blog.

How long should your copy be? This blog has the answer. What kind of copy sells infoproducts, dietary supplements or SaaS services? The articles on this blog will tell you. When does telemarketing work and what makes for a successful phone script? The answer is here. How do you write short copy to fit a given area? There is a whole article on the vexing question.

If you are in management – sales, promotion, advertising, marketing – this blog will help you recognize and evaluate effective copy, train copywriters, evaluate their efforts.

Even if you are a seasoned copywriting ‘pro’, you will find this a useful reference, a source of fresh ideas, varied copy approaches, problem-solving techniques – all designed to make your copywriting efforts more successful.

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