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This is the menu of my most typical services. I am OK with travelling worldwide but as I am based in Europe – Warsaw, Poland, to be exact – European destinations are always preferred. 

Remote consulting is fine as well.

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Rafal Lipnicki,

Performance Marketing Education & Consulting.

contrarian advice by a real-world performance marketing & innovation consultant

One-Off Consulting Projects

Is your company facing a marketing / sales / innovation challenge and you’re contemplating what decision to take or which route to choose?

Or maybe you’d like me to look at your business (or its distinct part) and propose a short list of marketing, sales or innovation quick-wins to execute on your own?

Perhaps you need a fresh new look on one of your current projects or business ideas you plan or are in the midst of executing?

  1. E-mail based.
  2. Online meetings.
  3. On-site.

Annual Consulting Retainer

Would you like me to regularly – weekly, biweekly, monthly etc. – meet with you, your marketing and innovation managers or specialists and consult multiple projects or even all your and their current work?

Maybe you’re looking for a marketing or innovation consultant to join a large project or a decision committee?

  1. E-mail based.
  2. Online meetings.
  3. On-site.

Most Talented Employees Mentoring

It's best to invest in development of your very best and most talented employees so that they could multiply the value they generate for you as fast as possible.

While traditional training is generally good, it gives limited new knowledge and skills when it comes to your most talented people.

That's why mentoring customized for your current challenges may be the best method to make your most talented employees even more valuable – when it comes to marketing, sales as well as innovation ideas, knowledge and skills.

  1. E-mail based.
  2. Online meetings.
  3. On-site.

Marketing, Sales & Innovation Audits

Are you a business owner or a senior executive who's looking for ideas?

Whether you’re a mature business or a fresh start-up, you may want me to have a look at your products, business ideas, marketing pieces, new product development processes or landing pages that don’t convert as effectively as they should.

20-page document with quick-wins, personally prepared by me, will get you a fresh new look on your business which could be a great start for your strategic planning meetings with your staff.

  1. Document-based, 100% remote.

Training and Workshops

Are you interested in general or individualized training or workshops in performance-driven marketing or innovation?

Would you like to conduct a training on marketing optimization, growth hacking, value proposition design, business model design, winning new product development methodologies or any other topic from my blog?

  1. Online meetings.
  2. On-site.
  3. DIY manuals & video training.

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    About Me, Rafal Lipnicki.

    the direct / performance marketing consultant with a strange sounding name


    Not your usual "guru" but a real-world performance marketing & innovation consultant based in Europe and an experienced senior executive at leading multinational companies.

    What and Where.

    I am a consultant for hire, working remotely and on-site all over the world (but Europe is always preferred). See my consulting services page for details.


    Contrarian advice most of the time. Document-based audits, workshops, one-off projects, mentoring programs, and more.