Increase the Number of New Customers.

Increase the Average Size of Sale per Customer.

Increase the Frequency of Buying of Each Customer.


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the philosophy of a performance marketing pro

Insider information I have gained from over 15 years in the performance marketing industry provides the background for this blog. The information provided here can save you the hundreds of millions of dollars (or euros – hey, I’m based in Europe) spent to discover these facts.

I consulted or worked with both well-known brands such as Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, Porsche or Samsung as well as lesser-known but…

… Truly World-Wide Direct Response Businesses Present in Every Possible Performance Marketing Medium.

The smart marketing strategies and top growth-hacking tactics I’m going to share here generated immediate sales for high-ticket $10,000+ business training, insurance offers, dietary supplements (“nutra” niche), late-night TV miracle devices, family entertainment subscriptions and… the adult entertainment memberships. The very same strategies worked for my clients all over the US, Europe, Latin America & South-East Asia.

That’s because performance marketing is about selling goods and services (as well as regularly coming up with new ones) in the most cost-effective way.

The 3 Principal Components of Performance Marketing Success…

… are product, offer, and audience of people willing to buy the offer.

They are the key variables you can change and experiment with to:

1. Increase the number of new customers you acquire daily, weekly, monthly.

2. Increase each new and old customer’s order value.

3. Increase the number of times each customer buys from you.

And these are three main topics on my blog as well as my area of consulting and educational expertise. All other aspects of performance marketing are theoretical and speculative as there are absolutely no other ways to grow business, marketing-wise.

The secret to success in performance marketing is that there isn’t one. Instead, success is achieved through consistent hard work, structured experimentation, careful attention to numbers, and discovering what the consumer truly desires.

Why Performance Marketing a.k.a. Direct Marketing a.k.a. Direct Response?

The best possible answer that performance marketing is 100% accountable. You know precisely how much money you make or lose on every Facebook ad, direct mail shot, email, phone call, web push, Google ad, YouTube Ad, press ad, online display ad, TV or radio commercial or affiliate-driven sale.

I will share here on this blog and through my educational and consulting services knowledge and insights gained by doing, not talking about, performance marketing. May this candid presentation of insider information benefit you and your efforts.


Rafal Lipnicki,

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Not your usual "guru" but a real-world performance marketing & innovation consultant based in Europe and an experienced senior executive at leading multinational companies.

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