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The most basic idea underlying this blog is this: performance-based business-to-consumer marketing is not a random or improvised effort. It is also not dependent for its success on inspiration, genius, or the happy accident of good fortune.

Despite the fact that such blessings are sometimes responsible for an outstanding performance marketing success (especially in the B2C field), such success is far more commonly due to systematic and organized systems, based perhaps partially in art, but relying for the most part on well-known principles, practices, methods, and materials that have become models.

At the same time, we must be aware that business-to-consumer performance marketing is not a static discipline, but is constantly growing and changing. The performance marketer relying on intuition or chance for success, using yesterday’s marketing tools, runs a rather high risk of disaster, especially in high-volume B2C efforts.

In keeping with this philosophy, I will try to bring you in these blog articles the newest and latest ideas and methods of performance marketing directed at consumers. But even so, it is not my intention that you should use any of these (not even the newest and brightest ideas) without change, for only rarely will any given model or example be exactly right for you.

The idea is to read the guides and tutorials carefully, select the model or consumer campaign example that is closest to your own need, and then adapt that model or build a new one tailored to your own need.

Even if you are a B2C professional and experienced performance marketer, perfectly capable of developing your own materials from scratch, you will then find this blog serving you in at least these ways:

1. You can save a great deal of your time by using the ready-made models and tools offered here.
2. You can use these models to develop models and methods of your own.
3. You can use this blog as a training aid, to help develop your less-experienced staff people into expert perfect marketers.

Finally, no matter how expert you are, there is the distinct possibility that you may either find a new and profitable idea or two in these blog posts or something may be an inspiration catalyzing a new idea of your own.

On the other hand, if you are new or relatively new to business-to-consumer performance marketing, you can use my blog to “get on board” rather quickly. If you read the guides carefully, you can function effectively as a performance marketer and learn far more quickly and on a less costly basis than you could by trial and error.

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