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What is a magazine and newspaper ads swipe file? It is a collection of ideas, materials, and information from your competitors, complementary industries, even nonrelated businesses, and organizations that advertise in print magazines and newspapers.

The term swipe file originated because you swipe, i.e. borrow or pilfer, an idea from someone else.

I have several such swipe files. And one of them concerns ads from print magazines and newspapers.

Material for your swipe file is everywhere: in your library, this includes its digital archives, at newsstands, those offline as well as online such as PressReader or Zinio, and in your mailbox as you should subscribe to numerous periodicals just to have a regular look at the ads.

The ideas that come from other people’s ads are invaluable when it comes time to write promotional copy, create winning designs, or craft an irresistible offer. Although you cannot use them verbatim, they will serve you as an inventive resource, inspiring your own performance marketing creativity.

Start saving print magazine and newspaper ads you think are great: ads that have impeccable copy, ads that are well-designed, ads that brilliantly solve any type of issues you usually have trouble dealing with.

Collect the ads in the swipe file. Keep adding to it. Never stop. Later on, when you are stumped for a way to proceed with your performance marketing efforts, open your swipe file. You can get inspired by promising ideas or use little pieces of them. You could change the words but keep the style.

Borrow ideas from the best marketers in the magazine and newspaper ad industry.

You may want to file these ads under appropriate categories: words that sell, great openings, exciting headlines, fantastic layouts, effective order forms, unusual formats, and so on.

Refer to them when you need fresh ideas or even tried-and-true ideas. Your swipe file will save you all the time and trouble of reinventing the wheel.

To make it easier for you to start, see the print magazine and newspaper ads swipes I have collected.

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