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Original ideas can elude even the brightest DRTV people. No one can hit the bull’s eye every time. But there is a way you can substantially increase your success ratio with direct response TV short- and long-form ads. How?

By mining the treasure trove of a DRTV swipe file consisting of word-for-word transcripts.

When it is time to develop promotional TV materials going through your swipe file will add verve and variety. Refrain from using things from your swipe file verbatim.

The idea is not to plagiarize or methodically copying the words and illustrations. Let these gems serve as an inventive resource, a trigger to stimulate your own direct response TV creativity.

So, build your own swipe file. Collect short- and long-form TV commercials, whether they relate to your project or not. Review the file while thinking about the problem you have. The ideas will start to flow fast and furiously.

In setting up a DRTV swipe file of your own you will have valuable information on what others in the field are doing. They may give you a bright idea or two concerning how best to make your TV presentation.

The possibilities are endless. Just be sure to have the DRTV ads transcribed, categorized, and archived in a written form for faster and more comprehensive analysis when you need them.

To make your first step of creating the swipe file easier, look at my regularly updated collection of DRTV ads, available for free.

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