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A telemarketing scripts swipe file is a collection of phone scripts and its elements that marketers, copywriters, and product managers collect and “swipe” from others for those times when they are stumped for a good telemarketing idea.

Pay attention, and record, any telemarketing call that you receive. Ask questions, pose objections, and wait for rebuttals. And write it down, or better yet – have it transcripted.

Look for phone script ideas that you think are interesting, attractive, or just plain different.

Ideas are not copyrighted. What is important is to borrow the idea, not the script itself.

But do not be horrified by that hint of larceny. These samples, archived in your telemarketing swipe file, of other works illustrate techniques you can use yourself, in your own way, to improve work you do.

Do not waste a second thought on the ethics copying and swiping. There are very few ideas under the sun, especially in the telemarketing field, which have not appeared in some form before.

Every telemarketing agency I ever visited had its own swipe file of telemarketing script idea starters stuck away somewhere.

Ask yourself three questions when you are considering a piece of telemarketing script you really admire:

1. What is the hook or how your attention is supposed to be caught?
2. What is the value proposition behind the telemarketing script and how and when is it communicated?
3. How does the close sound like?

A telemarketing swipe file of your own is a great place to start when you need proven ideas for creating a script or guidelines for your live agents.

It is also a clever way to see what sorts of opening statements, offers, probing questions or qualifiers are in use both by your competitors selling related products and services as well as non-competitors, what they sound like, and how they work in a full telemarketing script.

See the free collection of telemarketing script examples I created.

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