Inbound Dietary Supplement Live Agent Telemarketing Script.

This is an example of an ad or a marketing piece that may be worth “swiping”, modelling, or taking inspiration from. To learn more about the idea of a swipe file, read more here.

Telemarketing script for a live agent taking orders from a radio and print magazine ad (inbound call).

Thank you for calling [Product name], my name is ____. I’m glad you called, and your name is? How are you today?

Are you calling to reorder, or is this your first time calling? How did you hear about [Product name], radio or TV?

How much weight do you NEED to lose?

What have you tried?

What was frustrating about other things you have tried in the past?

You are going to love [Product name]! It is an all-natural product that is helping thousands of people just like yourself achieve their weight loss goals. 

Your [Product name] works on two levels at the same time. First, it will help increase your metabolism, turning up the fat-burning oven in your body. 

Second, it is a carb blocker, helping your body bum carbohydrates and sugars for energy rather than getting stored as fat What this means to you is, [Product name] lets you eat all of your favorite foods and still lose weight It’s safe and easy to use, all-natural, and clinically proven to be effective. 

Lose weight easily, quickly, and safely, and without the hassles, frustrations and suffering of diets or special foods. You’ll feel and look GREAT!! That is why you called, right?

[Product name] is unlike anything you’ve tried because it does work on two levels at the same time. There are 60 tablets in each bottle, and you take just 2 a day. Typically, you can expect to lose about 2-3 lbs. a week using [Product name]. 

The best part is that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. We guarantee your results and satisfaction, or your money back. Today, when you buy a 2-month supply for just 119.95, we give you a third month’s supply absolutely free, saving you $60! That works out to just $1.33 a day, less than your daily coffee!

Bottom line is that it works, and you’ll love the results. We can get you started using any major credit card. Which works best for you?

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