Female Libido Direct Response Radio Ad.

This is an example of an ad or a marketing piece that may be worth “swiping”, modelling, or taking inspiration from. To learn more about the idea of a swipe file, read more here.

Length: 60 seconds

FEMALE ANNOUNCER: If you’re a woman who wishes you were “in the mood” more often and if you want your lovemaking to feel more pleasurable, now there’s good news! Introducing [Product name], the revolutionary new all-natural formula for adult women that helps boost your level of arousal, replenish your natural moisture, and intensify sexual pleasure.

Female hormones, changes of life, and medical procedures or conditions can weaken a woman’s level of desire and make intercourse unenjoyable or painful, which is why [Product name] is such an amazing breakthrough. 

Working as an aphrodisiac, [Product name] helps heighten sensitivity and replenish your body’s natural moisture. So you become easily aroused [and amply lubricated], making sex pleasurable, passionate, and pain-free.

FEMALE ANNOUNCER: Call now for your risk-free trial of [Product name]! Call 1-888-XXX-XXXX. It’s safe, completely confidential, and it works! Guaranteed! Call 1-888-XXX-XXXX! That’s 1-888-XXX-XXXX! 1-888-XXX-XXXX.

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