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A: Hi and welcome to the VitalBasics radio program. I’m Bill Begley. This is the health and wellness program you can hear on over 200 radio stations from coast to coast. We’re in California, Massachussetts, Florida, Texas, Hawaii, Alaska... you name it, we’re there, and we appreciate you tuning in today. Thank you very much for joining us.

Today we’re going to talk about the most important thing in your life... and, for that matter, the most important thing to your children. It’s not your job, or your money, or your house or even your car. Y’know what it is... the most important thing? It’s your brain. Yes, it is. Because when your brain... or your mind... isn’t working the way it should, nothing else matters... nothing seems to go right. It’s like a dead battery. But think about it... and again, think of your children... when your brain is working the way it should... you’re energetic, you’re in a great mood, you get more done, you’re more outgoing and likable... you stand out from everyone else... and it doesn’t matter if you’re 5 years old or 105! Now, grab a pencil and a piece of paper, because what we’re going to do is give some incredibly useful information this half-hour on how you and your children can supercharge your brain. I’m telling you, it’s easy, it’s systematic... it’s a technological breakthrough that’s sweeping the nation. If your children have trouble behaving or concentrating in school... or if you have older relatives or friends who seem to be losing their mental edge... even if you’re in business and you have trouble staying focused or “on task” during the day... please listen at least for a few minutes because you’ll be able to help yourself and the ones you love. Okay? Okay.

My guest, on the phone with us today, is Dr. Kyl Smith. He’s Founder and President of the Creative Health Institute in Texas. He’s a recognized expert in the field of nutrition, pediatrics and anti-aging. He’s Vice president of Education at the Texas Integrative Practitioner’s Association—it’s a non-profit agency that includes Medical Doctors and alternative health practitioners and so on. And he’s also been a Senior Advisor of Research and Development for a major pharmaceutical company. Thousands and thousands of hours, folks, this man has put into this breakthrough, this secret that we’re going to let you in on today. Dr. Smith, we have so much to talk about... it’s a blessing to have you on the program. Welcome!

B: Thank you, Bill. I’m honored to be here.

A: Thank you very much for joining us. Now, we all feel run down from time to time. We all get cranky and tired... we get that foggy feeling... sort of what we call mental fatigue. But lately it seems like it’s reaching epidemic proportions. Would you agree with that?

B: Absolutely. I mean we see this in our children. We have obviously many children, several with lack, of attentiveness; lack of ability to focus and concentrate, but this is permeating teens, adults, and senior citizens. Many people say that they come home, and they just don’t have the energy to give to their families—-their husbands, wives, and spouses—what they need to after they get done with work. In other words, they are so drained; their mental batteries are so drained when they get home from work, they just can’t be the people they want to be.

A: I know you’ve done a tremendous amount of research behind this product... folks, it’s called Focus Factor. Dr. Smith, what’s the story behind Focus Factor?

B: It really all started when I was finishing my internship and starting my own practice. You see I was sitting there day after day in front of patients that had a similar complaint—and this is as true today as it was 7 years ago. Patients would come in and they would say, Dr., I’m tired. Like I said I have to drink coffee in the morning to wake up and I have to do something in the afternoon like caffeine to stay awake. Or they’d say, “My child has problems with attentiveness and focus and concentration in school.” Or “My spouse is irritable when they get home irom work. Is there anything we can do that’s natural, that’s good for them that can help them?” Well, Bill this question got under my skin. It really bothered me because I was suffering with the same exact thing.

A: So, you’re in the same boat as the rest of us.

B: Exactly. We all were. So, of course the first thing I did is I did the easy search. I went out to doctor friends of mine, physicians, and asked them what do you say when your patients ask this question? And none of them had a good answer. They would say typical things like, “Tell them to reduce their caffeine intake ‘cause caffeine kills your energy in the afternoon.” But I’d say to them, “Well they’re drinking caffeine like I am because they’re tired in the first place. What do you do?”

A: It’s a vicious cycle.

B: It’s a vicious cycle. So, I created this product for my own practice, and it became so popular a USP pharmaceutical company picked me up and said, “Dr. Smith we want you to create a product specifically for kids.” We did that and then they put me on my first tour, and Bill I went out there and I was shocked. I was taken aback by the results people were getting in their lives. And they weren’t the results I expected. Like, I built the product to help improve focus, concentration and memory.

A: Right.

B: But what happened is that people were coming to the lectures with stories about how it had transformed their child’s self-esteem. Let me give you an example. This one lady stood up and it was I think, Rochester, Indiana. She stood up and she said, “The thing that touches me about Focus Factor, is how it’s changed my son’s life.” “My son was the child at school that nobody wanted to play with. He would throw temper tantrums and disrupt class if he didn’t get his way. After giving him Focus Factor for just one week, the teacher wrote a note home and said what are you doing different? Your son is sitting still and he’s completing his work.”

A: Wow, so the teacher noticed this?

B: Exactly, in just one week. Now the Mom said... again, she was sitting there crying, and this really shook me too. She said, “The thing that touches me is my son is going to be a different man because of this product. Instead of being the boy that goes to school without interpersonal relationships, instead of being the child that no one seems to like, he’s nurturing friendships and his self-esteem is improving. That’s when I said to myself this has to be my God-given mission—to teach people about nutrition and the brain. It’s important for kids because their every-day experience translates into who they feel like they are. But it’s the same for us adults, too. If we have good days on top of good days, this compounds and it improves our self-esteem. And I picked up somewhere along the line in my lectures this statement: “To do really good in life, you’ve got to feel really good.” And that’s what Focus Factor is all about.

A: Well, and it’s such a unique product, too. I mean, there are products out there... you hear about them all the time... for things like prostate health, and cardiovascular health and so on and so forth. But I have never ever ever heard of a breakthrough like this that specifically targets the most important part of our body—the brain.

B: The brain. The very organ that determines how we feel when we wake up in the morning and how we feel when we come home from work. The organ that’s gonna determine what kind of day we’re going to have this afternoon, and if I’m in a business where I have to talk to people, how I’m going to communicate with them. It’s going to determine when I come home what kind of spouse I am and parent because of my mental energy reserves. If our mental batteries are drained, it’s going to affect how we relate to our world.

A: Is there anything unique about the brain versus, say, other organs in the body in terms of what it needs to produce that energy?

B: Absolutely. The brain seeks specific forms of nutrients for energy production, and this is key. If you happen to find a magnesium from the wrong source, you’re not going to produce mental energy from that magnesium, no matter how much you take. So we selected exactly the types, the sources of nutrients, that the research showed was necessary to improve brain function.

A: So it’s kind of like putting a key in a lock. You know, if you have the wrong key, it’s not going to open it up.

B: That’s a great analogy, exactly.

A: In fact, we have someone who knows exactly what we’re talking about. Anita Sohn is with us. She is a school administrator. And listen to this, this is an amazing story: She put her entire class on Focus Factor. Anita, welcome to the program. Can you tell us why you did that and what happened?

Anita Sohn: Surely. We were having such great challenges with kids being able to focus and being able to actually sit still and concentrate and do their work. And a year earlier, both my children had gone on the Focus Factor. And we had seen such a marked difference, when the parents would come and say, ‘what can we do about this?’ then I would start to tell them, ‘Okay, this is what I would do in this situation. And it couldn’t hurt, it can only help... try it.’ So they started, one by one, each child started testing out the Focus Factor. And, as a result, my entire class was on the Focus Factor. We have just... we’ve had just a wonderful time on it.

A: So you put ‘em on the product... you talked to their parents first... but you put 'em on the product, and what you found was that in many cases the kids seemed more attentive, they got better grades some of them?

Anita: Definitely. Now, I’ve been on the Focus Factor personally myself for 2 years. When I got on it and started finding the difference that the supplement makes on a daily basis... not just when I need it... I am the most awesome woman on Focus Factor, as well as my children.

A: So I think it would be safe to say you’re a believer in this product.

Anita: Oh, very safe to say.

A: Well, Anita, it has really been an honor to talk to you. I know you’re busy and I don’t want to take up any more of your valuable time... you’ve obviously got more important people, your students, to spend some time with. But thank you for being with us today, and telling us this very amazing and important story.

Anita: No problem! Thank you. Bye-bye.

A: Bye bye. Now, back to you, Dr. Kyl Smith. Obviously some fantastic and life-changing results with children. And folks listening... imagine having the best of both worlds with your kids: Better behavior and better performance in school. That is something that’s pretty much unheard of these days. But doctor, you say that men and women got hold of this stuff after the kids tried it and they love it too.

B: Absolutely. The typical story that we get is a parent, let’s say a mom, would typically buy Focus Factor for their child because they wanted to enhance their ability to focus and concentrate in school. And pretty soon, their son would come home from school and say, “Mom, I had the best day. I aced my test and I finished my homework before I got home.” And the mom would say to herself, “I need this stuff. I need to go to work and get my work done before I come home. I need to come home with energy to spare and have less irritability.” So pretty soon the mom would start taking the product. She’d love it so much she’d tell the dad about it. Pretty soon you’d have family after family, doctor and physician after physician referring the product to more and more people.

A: Okay, we have to take a quick break. But coming up we’ll talk with some doctors who recommend Focus Factor to their patients; as well as a member of the House of Representatives from the state of Texas. We’ll hear how he’s become a better lawmaker and a better husband and father because of Focus Factor—a very dramatic story. Right now, it’s your chance to call our toll-free telephone number so you can get on a 30-day, risk-free trial of Focus Factor and try it for yourself. So let’s take a moment and do that now.

CTA #1

A: And welcome back to the VitalBasics radio program. I’m Bill Begley and our special guest today is Dr. Kyl Smith. He’s the creator of a product called Focus Factor. Fascinating story behind it. It started out as supplement to help kids with learning and behavior problems—and I think we all know that can be such a nightmare... so it helped with that at sort of a grass-roots level, but then adults starting using it because they found that it had this amazing effect on their own memory, energy, mood... and just their ability to stay “on-task. Earlier this week, I had the great pleasure to speak with some people who say that Focus Factor has dramatically improved the quality of their life. So folks, if you or anyone in your family could use a little help with mood or energy, concentration or memory—just sort of clearing out the mental cobwebs—please listen to this. Jon, if we could, let’s roll the tape.

Silke Jones: My name is Silke Jones and I have been taking Focus Factor for about six months. The reason I started taking Focus Factor was because of the product benefits. It helps eliminate mood swings that... it gives you a little pick-up, so to speak, during the day to where you don’t get the doldrums in the afternoon. That really got my attention because that is me—right there. I’ve attributed a lot of mood swings or depression here and there, you know, to just the age I’m going through right now, y’know, being a woman. So when I started taking Focus Factor, I was just surprised how quickly I felt a difference. It was amazing. Everybody I’ve talked to that I’ve recommended it to that has taken it has said the same thing.

Kristin Rister-Wheatley: My name is Kristen and since I’ve been taking Focus Factor I have gotten tremendous results. I have more energy. I have a more stabilized mood. I feel like my brain functions better. I’m on top of my game. Everyone knows that women, especially women, go through mood swings especially during certain times of the month, certain times of their cycle, and I have noticed that my mood swings are not the highs and lows that they used to be. I am a much more steady, calm person. I think it’s very important that parents try Focus Factor with their children. Personally, it made a dramatic difference in my daughter’s i performance the way she felt in school—the way she could concentrate. I’ve shared it with my friends. I’ve shared it with my family. Everyone feels the same way. We all love Focus Factor.

A: Dr. Smith did you have any idea when you created this product, focus Factor, that it would have this kind of effect on peoples’ lives?

B: No I didn’t. And like I was saying previously, I developed Focus Factor to help enhance focus, concentration and memory. So as a doctor, I’m expecting to hear stories about focusing and concentrating. What I never imagined is how this would impact our lives, on a very personal level. For instance, when we were filming a television program around Focus Factor I had a wife say that she felt that this Focus Factor saved her marriage. She said that her husband and her both now come home from their work with more mental energy, less irritability, they can relate and communicate better and, maybe most importantly, they’re patient with each other when they communicate. She said this literally saved her marriage. I hear stories from people constantly about the benefits that this product brings in their lives that I would have never imagined.

A: Well, I know that everybody’s a little bit different and results will vary from person to person. But in your experience, how quickly does it work?

B: Focus Factor... we see a noticeable improvement in the way a person feels it doesn’t matter if it’s a child, a teen or an adult, in 1 to 10 days. Now I typically tell people, stay on Focus Factor each and every day consistently and you’ll notice a difference within 2 weeks. But I’ve got to tell you Bill that most people come back after the first day and they say, “Wow, what did you put in this stuff? I haven’t felt this good since I was a teenager.” We’ve got senior citizens say, “Dr. Smith, you’ve given me my life back. I now have that energy—that mental energy—that I used to have when I was a child.” Stories like this, it’s just incredible.

A: And this is different from regular multi-vitamins in that you’re going to actually feel this working pretty quickly, right?

B: There’s a big key there, and that’s another great question. It’s very common when I’m in a live audience that I’ll ask people to stand up if they are taking a multivitamin. Now, almost everyone stands up. But then I ask the people to sit down who are actually feeling a difference from that vitamin they are taking, in some way, shape or form, energy or they feel healthier. And the only people who sit down are the people that tell me they are taking Focus Factor. The rest of the people standing up, which is usually the majority of the people who haven’t been introduced to the product yet, will tell me that they have been taking a vitamin for years and they have not noticed one benefit.

A: Yeah that’s a really good point. I don’t know anybody who says, “Oh, I take a multivitamin and I feel great.” You know, they just kind of take it. It’s just something they do, and they never feel any results from it.

B: Right. And my goal and my dream, my desire is to educate people that we should expect much more from our nutritional supplements.

A: All right, we’ll continue our discussion in a moment. But right now I want us to listen to some doctors and what they are saying about Focus Factor. Folks, these are people we spoke with earlier this week. First we’re going to hear from Dr. Shawn Sieracki and then from Dr. Jim Van Meter. These are doctors who recommend Focus Factor to their patients—adults, children, seniors—some very interesting comments here. And Jon, if we could, let’s roll the tape.

Dr. Shawn Sieracki: I first heard about Focus Factor about a year and a half ago. Dr. Kyl Smith introduced it to me at a seminar. And he passed out a few of the Focus Factor tablets. From that point on I’ve been hooked on Focus Factor. It helps calm the mind. And it enhances brain function. That is what I am finding it’s doing for women, men, and children as well. It’s an excellent product just to help enhance the brain function. I believe that Focus Factor is the very best brain support product on the market. Focus Factor helps children or adults with mental fatigue... poor focus and irritability... it helps to keep that under control. I believe Focus Factor is the best supplement on the market for memory control and memory function—not just with children, not just with adults, and not just with seniors... it hits all ages, and it gives all ages the right amount of nutrients for the brain.

Dr. Jim Van Meter: This is Dr. Jim Van Meter. Every time I ever research anything, I always try the product on myself. Number one, if I can’t be convinced that it’s a benefit to me, why in the world would I ever give it to anyone else? My son has been on it, my daughter’s been on it, my son-in-law’s been on it... um... everyone in my family is on Focus Factor. Number one, yes it has vitamins and minerals in it. It also has essential amino acids and things that are also in here that stimulate the brain to make the brain think, focus and recover facts numbers, words, definitions, etcetera. Where normal multi-vitamins and mineral has nothing to do with it and can’t ever turn your brain on to thinking. It’s a product that everyone can trust, and be wonderfully happy that they are giving their children and their family the very best that can be given to them to be able to achieve every goal they set out for.

A: So there you have just a few of the many doctors who recommend Focus Factor to their patients. These doctors were not paid in any way for their comments today. Dr. Smith, there are obviously thousands and thousands of supplements out on the market. Out of all these products, why is Focus Factor getting all this attention?

B: I think the bottom line is Focus Factor works. Physicians recommend Focus Factor across the country because they realize very quickly it works for themselves and it’s working for their patients. And it’s helping improve lives in many different ways—from the improved focus and concentration to improved emotions, feeling like you’re going to have a better day, feeling like your on you’re game. And this results in referral after referral after referral. And as you know we have distributed this product throughout the US and Canada for five years now. The exciting thing is Focus Factor is now available direct from the manufacturer, so people can get a hold of Focus Factor and not have to pay that expensive office visit.

Rep. Green: Well, I think, um, being someone... y’know, personally I’ve always been interested in taking supplements and vitamins and those kinds of things, so it was a lot easier, um, for me to make the decision to try something that I thought was gonna help what I was looking for. A lot of times we spend money on something that’s supposed to be doing all these great things but you never feel it, you never notice if it did. With Focus Factor you’re going to actually know that there’s something different in the way that you are operating as a human being. Your brain’s working better, your body’s feeling better. I mean, with a product like that, what have you got to lose?

A: And your experience has been that it’s really changed your life, helped your family, it’s been good for your kids. Sounds like it’s been great for you.

Rep. Green: And let me tell you, I can tell when I don’t take it.

A: That’s interesting. That’s very interesting. Because, that’s always an important test of a supplement, incidentally, is if you feel a difference when you stop taking it.

Rep. Green: Right.

A: Well, thank you very much for coming on the program today, Representative Rick Green. I know you’re very busy and we appreciate you dropping by for a few minutes.

Rep. Green: You bet. Y’all have a great one.

A: Dr. Smith, what goes through your mind when you have a state representative tracking you down to tell you what a great product you have?

B: It’s amazing to me. I never imagined that Focus Factor would enhance so many lives across the country. And I really love to hear testimonies from professionals like Representative Green who have the ability to really impact thousands of lives with what he does every day.

A: Well, I’m looking at the clock... we’re almost out of time. Are there any final words of wisdom you want to leave our listeners with?

B: Absolutely. I want people to try this product because of what I’ve seen in my own life and I’ve seen across the country happen for people who take it. I mean think of how many times you’ve walked into a room in your house, you got there and you said to yourself, “What am I doing here?” How many times have you misplaced the car keys? Or, how many times have you gone through the embarrassing experience of meeting someone, you’re being introduced right now someone from a friend, you meet them, by the time your hands part the name falls to the floor.

A: Happens all the time.

B: We’re all having problems with memory today. It’s not our fault. We have an innate ability to have an awesome memory. All we have to do is feed our brain the nutrients it’s starving for to enhance energy production. And Focus Factor supplies those nutrients. And you have an opportunity to try this product and experience what it can do for you firsthand.

A: So it’s kind of like memory in a bottle.

B: Exactly.

A: Folks, it has science behind it. It’s recommended by doctors, parents, kids who say they can focus and concentrate better, seniors can benefit enormously... if you’re in business, this is a must. A remarkable scientific breakthrough. The first of its kind. And Dr. Kyl Smith, thank you very much for coming on the program, being our guest and bringing us this information. I know you’re a very busy man and we wish you all the best with Focus Factor.

B: Thank you Bill. I’ve enjoyed it.

A: Folks, we’re simply out of time. I’d like to thank our engineer, Jon, today for all of his help and assistance. And definitely thanks to all of you for making this, once again, one of the most popular health and well-being programs in the country. We’re on over 200 radio stations from coast-to-coast and it’s all because of you. Thank you very much and we look forward to talking with you again very soon right here on the VitalBasics radio program. Til then, take care and God Bless.

CTA copy: Hi, this is Bill Begley. If you would like more information about Focus Factor, the supplement that supercharges your brain, please call toll-free: 1-800-XXX-XXXX. That’s 1-800-XXX-XXXX.

For over 5 years, Focus Factor has been available only through doctor’s offices. But thanks to a special arrangement with Dr. Kyl Smith, you can now get on a 30-day risk-free trial direct from the Creative Health Institute. Mention the VitalBasics radio program when you order, and you can even get a 30-day supply absolutely free.

Focus Factor is effective, all-natural, and guaranteed to give you noticeable results quickly or your money back. There are two formulas: the berry-flavored chewables for children... and the easy-to-swallow tablets for grown-ups.

Call now and be sure to ask about the doctor’s special offer. It’s 1-800-XXX-XXXX. That’s 1-800-XXX-XXXX.

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