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Intro: Well, hello again... welcome to the Vitalbasics radio program. We bring you vital health information on over 300 great radio stations covering all 50 states...and y’know what? I can count on two fingers—literally—the number of times I’ve actually invited a guest back on this program. Today is one of those times.

Dr. Kyl Smith is back with us at our invitation, and this time he’s right here in the studio with us... came all the way from Dallas, Texas. Dr. Smith is an expert in nutrition, pediatrics and anti-aging. He’s the founder and president of the Creative Health Institute in Texas. Now, his claim to fame... the reason he’s here with us today...  is his fascination with your brain. Specifically, how it works, how it functions, and what we can do—all of us... men, women, kids, teenagers, senior citizens—to make it perform even better. What does that mean? It means improving your memory so you don’t forget your wife’s anniversary or where you left the car keys. It means better focus and concentration so you can get your work done without distractions. And it means having lots of energy instead of feeling tired and drained all the time.

Today Dr. Smith is back with some brand-new information that will shock you—like, is your brain shrinking! We’ll talk about that. Dr. Kyi Smith, welcome back.

B: Well, thank you, Bill. Again, I’m honored to be here.

A: If you would, for the listeners who don’t know you yet, who didn’t catch you the last time you were on, give us a quick summary of your background... how you got into this field... and where you’re coming from.

B: Well, Bill, it all began when I graduated from my internship and started build my own practice. I noticed immediately that people were coming to me with similar types of questions, and they all had to do with brain function. Let me give you a good example...

Moms would come to me and they’d say, Dr. Smith, my son or daughter suffers with poor focus or concentration. Is there anything we can do that’s natural that can help? Business professionals would say, Dr. Smith, it seems like I wake up in the morning in a fog... I can’t focus on demand. I’m drinking coffee to try to stay awake and alert. And, to be honest with you, I’m in my 30’s or 40’s, and I’m starting to notice my memory’s not what it used to be, and I’m afraid this is affecting my job performance. And another one that I heard quite commonly. Spouses would come to me—usually wives asking me about their husbands, but sometimes the other way around—they’d say, Dr. Smith, my husband comes home from work and he is mentally drained. It’s like he doesn’t have any energy left for me or the family. And worse, he brings home irritability and mood swings. I know you’re helping people with mental function, please help! Well, these consistent questions, led me to do an exhaustive search of the medical and nutritional research at the time to find out, is there anything we can do to improve concentration? Can we have a better memory as we age...30,40, and 50 years of age? So the technology that came back from this search was the original technology that’s in Focus Factor today.

A: Now, we have spoken a few times since our last program, and what I found fascinating is that, as you were doing this search... there’s like over 3,000 clinical studies that you have accessed in putting together this new supplement called Focus Factor. Is that correct?

B: Absolutely. We are in the information age, there’s no doubt about it. And when it comes to medical studies and nutritional studies on the brain—how it works, and how diet and nutrition can affect brain function in a positive way—there’s tons of information out there...literally over 3,000 research articles right now done on the link between diet, nutrition and the brain. And the stuff we’re going to talk about today is fascinating. We really can take control of our destiny when it comes to how we focus, think, and our memory.

A: And what also struck me is that this is such a huge problem. You had mentioned that the #1 reason why people go to their doctors these days isn’t for little aches and pains or the’s for irritability, it’s for mental fatigue... memory, things like that. Is that correct?

B: Mental function...poor mental function...mental fatigue. These are the #1 types of complaints in doctors’ practices across the country. I mean...give you a good example: people in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s. Most people are relying on note pads, Post-It pads and planners just to get through the day.

A: Yeah, yeah.

B: They tell me if they lose their little note pad they are sunk. And how many people can relate to going to the grocery got just 5 things to get, milk’s on your list. You come got no milk. Or now. ..listen to this: listeners at home, think if you can relate to this: You’re in a social situation—or maybe even worse, a business situation—you’re meeting someone right now. This person’s really important to you. You shake their hand. By the time your handshake breaks, it’s like the name just falls to the floor.

A: Yeah...

B: You’re looking at him or her and you’re thinking to yourself, I was just introduced to them, and I can’t even remember their name.

A: It’s embarrassing.

B: In a social situation.

A: Yeah.

B: ...that’s embarrassing. But think of it in business. Poor memory, a sluggish memory, can cost you your job performance.

A: So these are huge problems, and you have created a supplement—ijt’s called Focus Factor—the response has been absolutely tremendous to it. And I want to read a few of the phone messages that we got after the last program... and you would not believe how many of our affiliate stations—we’re on over 300 stations—and how many stations called up and said, Do you mind if we run that show again? We got such a huge response, people want to hear it again...

B: That’s great...

A: So these are just a few of the phone messages we received, um... Here’s a 65 year-old woman. She didn’t say where she was from, but she said her husband ordered Focus Factor. She’s been using it for 4 days. She says she cannot believe the change. She said she was slow and lethargic... she thought she was getting dimwitted... interesting choice of words there, and she says, Focus Factor started working almost immediately. I felt like a different person. And I know results will vary from person to person, but I found these very interesting. Here’s a woman from your stomping grounds, Texas. She says she’s in the insurance industry... a very fast paced office. Lots of multi-tasking going on. She says, I’ve been taking Focus Factor for a couple weeks and saw a huge difference. Just unbelievable. And I’m going to do one more here, because this shows how the product can help children as well...

B: Great...

A: A teacher in New Jersey—and also a mother. She bought Focus Factor for her son, who had trouble with focus and concentration. And she says, he had trouble concentrating on one thing at a time. And Focus Factor has helped him to sit down and concentrate on one activity at a time. He gets his work done on time now. And this is interesting: He says, He wants to do more work now...

B: Wow.

A: So she says, We've seen progress with Focus Factor and will continue to order it. So when you get a child who actually wants to do his homework, I think that’s pretty incredible.

A: Doctor, I want to talk about seniors for a moment, because I understand they can benefit enormously from Focus Factor - And unfortunately, I think what happens is... when we see older folks in our lives—grandparents, aunts, uncles, even our parents—having trouble with memory or concentration, we tend to ignore them or brush them aside... or we even make fun of them... Y’know, Gramps is just having a little slow today. And You’re saying if we were to just help them support their brain a little bit more, it could improve their memory and concentration a lot.

B: This is very true. As a matter of fact, seniors share with me that many times they’re embarrassed because they do feel like they’re a little slower. They many times have to ask their children or their grandchildren to slow down just a little bit... and that’s embarrassing. I gotta tell you... speaking to seniors, when I do lectures across the country, or I do radio or television, seniors are one of my favorite groups to speak to. Why? Because they can be passionate about health. Many times, they want to make and improvement, and they want to make an improvement now.

A: Now. Yeah.

B: Most seniors will tell me they’ve been taking nutritional supplements for maybe years, and never noticed a difference in how they feel. Can you imagine? Well, the thing that seniors tell me that Focus Factor does is it gives them that mental spark, that energy like they used to have. They feel like their memory is more on-task. They can recall things easier with less effort. And the thing I really like to hear is how it improves relationships. And let me give you a good example: A lady comes up to me—an elderly lady—when we’re filming a television program, and she says, Dr. Smith, I gotta tell you about my husband. This man was the most cantankerous, irritable man you’ve ever met. All he ever wanted to do was sit in his armchair. But after taking Focus Factor, he gardens with me, we go on walks together... it’s like I’ve got my sweetheart back.

A: Hey, here’s a letter from a 65 year-old woman I spoke with. And she says, I tried ginkgo biloba for months, and it didn't do anything for my memory. But my memory is now wonderful since I’ve started taking Focus Factor. I noticed a difference within a couple of days.

B: And I’ve got to answer a question here. Why does this happen? It happens because the brain needs much more than an herb or one nutrient to help it with cognitive function. You need protector nutrients—antioxidants that are shown to help protect brain function. You need nutrients that improve brain function, like the B vitamins. You need specific herbal extracts that maybe precursors to neurotransmitters that science says improves focus, concentration and memory. You put these together in a comprehensive brain support product, and...what do you have? You have stories of better concentration...people going to work, getting more done in less time, coming home with energy to spare...instead of that old story of coming home and just being fatigued and lethargic.

A: Excellent. Well, uh, I can see we’re running out of time here, so I have to take a quick break. We want to give you information on how you can get a hold of Focus Factor for yourself. So we’re going to do that in just a moment. But right now I want you to listen to some of the people we spoke to recently, and how Focus Factor is affecting their lives. So take a listen to this, and we’ll be right back.

Kelly Brown: My name is Kelly Brown and Focus Factor has been a wonderful product for us. It has tremendously helped my son with his schoolwork and at home also. The benefits that I have seen with Focus Factor for myself is... I’m a working mother—I’m very tired when I get home at night, I’m very stressed out. Focus Factor for me has just boosted my energy in the evenings to where l can keep going, I can keep up with my children. And afternoons at work, too, I don’t get tired, I don’t get irritable. I just... for some reason I’m just wide-eyed and ready to go!

Roger Thompson: My name is Roger Thompson. I’ve been taking Focus Factor for about 6 weeks now, and the results have been just phenomenal. My mood has improved dramatically. I’m better able to focus and to communicate with other people. I feel a lot better. Focus Factor has made a huge difference, and I would really love to thank Dr. Smith for coming up with this and making it available to the general public. It’s a super product, and I’d recommend it to anybody who’s busy, stressed-out or just needs a little boost in their lives. It’s just great.

Millie Hull: My name is Millie Hull, and I have tried Focus Factor after trying many other supplements which never worked for me. I thought they would just sit in my stomach and not even dissolve. Focus Factor is different. It does work. It clears the ‘foggies’ from the mind and gives you the energy you need to go do what you need to do. I have two grandchildren that I take care of... 1 have the energy for them now, as well as working a full-time job. I can do all these things and have the energy to still have time for recreation. And I have the clearness of mind to get things done that I need to do and think clearly to do these things. I just love Focus Factor.


A: And we’re back. Welcome back to the Vitalbasics radio program. This is Bill Begley, and my special guest today, back for an encore, is Dr. Kyi Smith, the founder and president of the Creative Health Institute in Texas, and the creator of this amazing supplement called Focus Factor. Recommended for seniors, students, men, women... and doctor, I’ve been taking it myself. I’ve been taking it for about 6 months now. I’m going to tell my own story a little bit later on in the program, but it’s helped me dramatically, so...

B: Wonderful.

A: So... in your experience, who do you find benefits from Focus Factor? Any specific groups of people?

B: Bill, doesn’t matter if you’re a business professional, a senior, a teen, or a child, you have a need to support the most important organ in the brain. Focus Factor’s perfect for that. It provides specific dietary supplements, or nutrients, that enhance the brain’s ability to produce mental energy. We all need that. I mean, think, today many adults are suffering with poor memory. And many times they don’t notice it in the beginning. It sneaks up on them...

A:Yeah, yeah.

B: Meaning that we rely on Post-It pads all around the house. We gotta write things down to remember it. If you lose your planner you’re lost.

A: Yeah.

B: Focus Factor’s important for all of us. Some of the most touching stories I...come from parents who’ve given the product to their children, and they see what they call a transformation in their child. They seem interested in things in the past they weren’t interested in, and one of the curious intangible things parents say is many a times they see an improvement in their child’s self-esteem. That makes a world of difference to me. As the formulator of the product, that touches me ‘cause that’s exactly what I formulated the product to do. Seniors tell me they get that mental spark, that mental edge back that they’ve been looking for for so long and they feel like they’ve lost it...they’ve found it again...and business professionals. They tell me that they can go to work, they feel like get more done in less time and come home with energy to spare.

A: Well the big buzzword these days in business is multitasking...

B: Exactly.

A: ... which basically means you have to do 3 people’s jobs instead of just your own job. So I know we’ve spoken with a number of people who use that word... it’s just a buzzword these days... multitasking. People are able to shift from one project to another very easily...

B: ...and not lose the project.

A: Exactly... not lose the project. And be able to complete each project... or see each project through… finish it... and do a good job.

B: Exactly.

A: So I take it the reason this is so effective is because the ingredients are more easily absorbed by the brain?

B: Exactly. Specific nutrients cross the blood/brain barrier readily. In other words, the brain accepts these nutrients. It finds them as foodstuffs. These are the nutrients we’ve used in Focus Factor to enhance brain function.

A: So if you’re taking the wrong nutrients, it’s kind of like putting a square peg in a round hole. It just can’t go in. But if you have the right nutrients, it’s just a nice fit, and the brain gets it and... boom.

B: Very close. If you’re taking the wrong nutrients, quite frankly they pass in the stool, and they don’t even absorb through the bloodstream. If you’re taking the right nutrients...I guess your analogy is great...if you’re taking the right nutrients they easily pass through the digestive system into the bloodstream, delivering their benefits to the cell, where you want them.

A: Okay. Now, this was originally only available through doctors’ practices. What are... what’s the medical community saying about this?

B: We have had phenomenal success across the country. What we call it is a grassroots movement because originally, Focus Factor started just by word of mouth referral from doctor to doctor. ..from patient to family. The reason I attribute that success is the fact that Focus Factor works. I mean, very quickly doctors realized they could take this product themselves, or recommend it to a patient, and that person would come back to the doctor in just a few days or weeks and say, Hey Doc, what did you give me? It’s like this cloud’s been lifted off my head. I can focus, I can concentrate. I’ve got my memory back! Thanks, Doc! Well, what’s he going to do? He’s going to recommend this product to virtually anyone in his practice that are suffering from poor mental function.

A: Sure.

B: He’s taking it himself, he’s recommending it to other doctors. I think this is why we’ve been so successful across the country today.

A: And I have some comments from some of the doctors we’ve spoken with. For example, this is a medical doctor... this is an M.D’. named Lee Cowden, Dr. Lee Cowden. He’s a cardiologist, and internist... and he says, uh... ’’Compared to other supplements on the market, the nutrients in Focus Factor are present at better levels (that’s what we just talked about) and in the ideal forms more likely to enhance brain function. Taking Focus Factor results in a significant improvement in memory, concentration, and overall well-being.” Pretty strong comment from a medical doctor.

B: Wonderful.

A: Here’s a doctor, Gary Sconyers, who says, “I’ve seen Focus Factor firsthand as a doctor and as a parent. (I think that’s important) When my son started taking it, he became more consistent, and his self-esteem improved by leaps and bounds.” So a few powerful comments from the medical community. I think it’s neat that it’s been accepted, and I think it adds a lot of credibility to you and the product... the fact that is started out with doctors.

B: And I’ve got to tell you, in the beginning, doctors were skeptical. Now, this is an innovative product. It literally provides the nutrients the brain needs for enhanced mental function. Well, doctors first tried it on themselves and their children. Now this was neat because they became advocates for the product, recommending it to virtually everyone.

A: Okay, we have to take a quick break in just a moment. But very quickly I want you to listen to some more people in their own words and what they’re saying about Focus Factor. And we’ll give you the opportunity to call the 800 number—toll-free number—so you can get Focus Factor for yourself and for your family... and listen to this...

Paula Clark: My name is Paula Clark and I live in New Jersey and I have a pretty hectic life. I’m a working Mom. I started Focus Factor for my child who is 10 years old who was having a tough time focusing in school and staying on-task. I found that Focus factor... after one week I saw a noticeable difference. I saw that his homework assignments were being accomplished and being done. He has a happier feeling, a happier mood. So I then decided then, well, if it’s working so well for him, I’m going to try this also, seeing that I do I do have my mood swings. I tried it and it really has improved my life as well. Now my whole family is taking it—my 15 year old, my 10 year old, myself—I gave it to my husband and he loves it also.

Jack Huff: My name is Jack Huff. I’m in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. I’ve been taking Focus Factor for 4 months now. And I really feel it’s helped all areas of my life. Being able to focus, which is a great... Focusing, sometimes you might not think it’s that big of a deal, but it’s really the key to a lot of things—focusing— and that’ll lead you through projects. It’s helped my relationship with my wife, believe it or not, just by not being so down and in kind of a dark cloud situation. Lots of energy to go do the things I want to do. If you want an extra boost—not just a little extra boost, it’s a major turnaround contribution to your... being vital to feeling alive... being able to go do stuff without worrying about being drained mentally or physically.

Sally Nelson: My name is Sally Nelson and I’ve been taking Focus Factor for ten weeks now. The thing I found when I first started taking it is my energy level in the afternoon gradually came up to the point where I feel very focused, I feel very energetic and I feel very excited about my life in general. I feel alive—that’s really what I want to say. I feel very alive, very energetic, very focused. And I feel very excited.

(CTA #2)	

A: And welcome back to the Vitalbasics radio show. Bill Begley with our special guest... back for an encore appearance, Dr. Kyl Smith. He’ s the founder and president of the Creative Health Institute in Texas, and also the creator of Focus Factor. This is the supplement that is designed to literally supercharge your brain. And doctor, before we go, I want to bring this up. This really freaked me out. I gotta tell you. ...when I learned that, after the age of 30, the brain begins to shrink??	|

B: Exactly.

A: Tell us about that.

B: I hate to tell you it’s true. After the age of 30, after we pass by that magical age where you notice that spare tires comes on easier, and our health starts to decline, one of the medical facts is the brain slowly begins to shrink in its size. In addition, between the age of 30 and 55, we’ll lose about 25% of the synapses in the brain. In addition, about 80% of people above the age of 35 complain that they notice their memory is not what it used to be.

A: That makes sense.

B: But the good part shows us today that there is a lot we can do to support normal mental function.

A: Now for folks who are just tuning in, give us a quick recap... 20 seconds or less... what is Focus Factor and what does it do?

B: Focus Factor is a totally unique dietary supplement that feeds the brain. It does this by providing specific nutrients that enhance the brain’s ability to produce mental energy. The second thing that Focus factor does is it provides nutrients your brain is starving for that enhances focus, concentration and memory by naturally enhancing neurotransmitters in the brain.

A: All right, I want to read a few more letters from people who have written us based on the last radio program that you did with us. Very quickly.. ,”No more monthly highs and lows.” A woman who’s a business professional, a wife and mother who says, I feel like my brain functions better. I have more energy. My mood swings are not the highs and lows that they used to be. And one more. This is a woman in her 50’s who’s a registered nurse. And she says, We interested in Focus Factor because of the natural help we thought it would bring to kids with poor focus and concentration. We’ve seen positive results with it. We 've seen their ability to concentrate and improve the focus that they have on their work. Now she says, I have been taking Focus Factor myself. It worked for me within the first week. I’ve noticed that my thinking is more clear. I’m able to remember more, focus and get rid of “cloudy thinking ”...

B: Wonderful.

A: As she calls it. How does that make you feel when you hear all these positive stories about a product that you did the research on and created yourself from scratch?

B: Bill, I have to tell you: I never imagined that Focus Factor would provide the benefits for people that they’re telling us it’s providing for them. I mean, I created the product to enhance focus, concentration and memory for myself, for my patients and the people I was lecturing to. What I never, ever imagined are the stories that would comeback. The life-enhancing stories. As seniors say, it gives them their mental spark back. It motivates them to do things that are actually good for them, like walk and garden. And to think now that the product is in the hands of artists, athletes, pro football players, actors...and now I’m being told that my product is being taken by a gentleman in NASCAR. Bill, this is like a dream come true for me.

A: That’s tremendous, and if I may... do you mind if I share my story...

B: I’d love for you to.

A: ... about Focus Factor? You gave me the product and I started taking it. And I gave it a good 30 days. And i was going to see the movie The Patriot—it was a big hit—and I just wanted to do a little homework, to kind of brush up on the revolution and learn a little bit more about it so I would understand the movie better and what was happening. So here I am taking Focus Factor, and I pulled out this great big ‘coffee table book’—it’s about 400 pages, It’s a very dense book about the Revolution. And I’m reading and I’m reading...and it’s coming to life for me. Even though it was written in a very dry way—it wasn’t the most excitingly written book. But for me, I was absorbing it very well, and what’s most remarkable, is when I was done reading, I kept the information... it was retained.

B: Wonderful.

A: I can still rattle off the names of British generals and Lords and prime ministers and where battles happened... and who’s army did this and who’s army did that and all that kind of stuff. And it was fascinating. And I found that Focus Factor really helped with my memory, with my ability to concentrate on the book, and my ability to comprehend it.

B: Wonderful.

A: It was tremendous.

B: Bill, why didn’t we have this when we were in college?

A: I don’t know! My grades would’ve been much better, I’m sure.

B: I wish I did...

A: ... if we’d had it. So I personally want to thank you for introducing me to this product, because it certainly has had a profound effect, and not just with that one book, but I’m finding just in general I’m remembering things better... I’m comprehending... I’m focusing better. We mentioned earlier the term multi-tasking, having to do many things at once. When you’re in radio, you’re multi-tasking every single day. And I’m finding that it is, in fact, easier to do all these tasks and complete them and do them well.

B: Well thank you. That means a lot to me.

A: Hey, we’re just... we’re outta time here. So Dr. Kyl Smith, thank you for joining us in the studio—flying here from Dallas, Texas to be my guest.

B: Thank you. Bill, I appreciate so much all you’ve done in sharing this with other people.

A: Well, when something works, you tell people about it, that’s all. Folks, thanks for joining us folks here on the Vitalbasics radio program. We will talk again soon. Thank you, and take care of yourself and God bless. (CTA #3)

CTA Copy: Hi, this is Bill Begley. I want you to think about the last time you really felt good. A time when you were energetic, focused, and mentally sharp. Picture taking all that positive energy and putting it into a tablet—a tablet that’s all-natural, effective, and as easy to use as putting your shoes on in the morning. That’s the best way I can describe Focus Factor. I take it every day to keep me focused and energetic, and countless people who have heard this program across the country have called to say they Iove it, too. For more information on how you can try it risk-free, call this toll-free number. It’s 1-800-XXX-XXXX. That’s 1-800-XXX-XXXX.

Call now and mention the Vitalbasics program and you can even get a free 1-month supply to try with your order. Ask for details. Focus Factor is for senior citizens... working moms... students in every grade level... business professionals... anybody who wants and needs a natural boost in their memory, concentration, mood, and energy.

There’s a 30-day money back guarantee. Call and ask about the doctor’s special offer. It’s 1-800-XXX-XXXX. That’s 1-800-XXX-XXXX.

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