Weight Loss Direct Response Radio Ad.

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Length: 60 seconds

ANNOUNCER: Fall is here. So it's time for your weight to start falling off. Healthe Trim is the answer to your weight loss struggles. It's a natural supplement that actually works.

Hi, it's Matthew, founder of Healthe Trim, and we've sold over 1.5 million bottles. That should tell you right there that Healthe Trim works. Lose weight easily and quickly today with our limited time offer of $29.95 for a 30-day supply. That's a 50 percent savings.

If you've tried diets, meal plans, clinics, meetings and nothing's worked for you, it doesn't surprise me. You got to give Healthe Trim a try.

Healthe Trim is so easy. Just a couple of capsules in the morning right when you wake up, drink water and go about your day. We guarantee it or your money back.

Make today the day you stop struggling with your weight and give Healthe Trim a try with our amazing $29.95 offer for a 30-day supply. Go to HealthyTrim.com and enter promo code "monsters”.

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