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ELVIS: Hi, it's Elvis. You guys have heard about Healthe Trim and their excellent website HealthyTrim.com. Well, the founder of Healthe Trim and our weight loss expert is back with a 30-day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose but the weight. Go to HealthyTrim.com, start losing weight today. HealthyTrim.com.

SKEERY JONES: How's it going? It's Skeery Jones. A lot of people have been asking me over the past year about this all-natural supplement I've been taking, which has allowed me to lose a whole bunch of weight and still eat the foods I like when I want them. It's called Healthe Trim at HealthyTrim.com.

Well, I figured to clear a whole lot of rumors up and to answer everyone's question, we'd bring in Matthew Dwyer, the founder of Healthe Trim. Good morning, Matthew.

MATTHEW DWYER: Skeery, how are you, buddy?

SKEERY JONES: The past year has just been amazing for me.

MATTHEW DWYER: Yeah, see, listen, here's the thing. Healthe Trim's not a diet, you know. It's just an all-natural supplement that you take in the morning and it works. It's not a lifestyle change, and I think that's why we're having so much success with it, because research shows that 95 percent of diets fail because you have to give up the foods that you love. So, you end up gaining the weight back. And that's not the case with Healthe Trim.


MATTHEW DWYER: Listen, I was a guy that was just desperately trying to lose the weight. So, I started trying all different dietary supplements and they all gave me the crazy jittery feeling until I stumbled upon Healthe Trim. I lost five pounds the first week; I lost 16 pounds in three weeks; I lost 47 pounds in 100 days.


MATTHEW DWYER: It's not important what we weigh, Skeery, but it's the visceral fat around our organs, the belly fat, that causes all the health issues.

SKEERY JONES: And, you know, when I started taking Healthe Trim, I realized I was given more energy in the morning when I started taking the Healthe Trim. And then, throughout the day, the energy was sustained. I can eat what I want, but I don't find myself as hungry as I used to be.

MATTHEW DWYER: I think it's important to know there's 17 all-natural ingredients. I couldn't do the meal plans, I couldn't do the shake plans. What I can do is I can wake up in the morning, take two all-natural supplements, drink water and go about my day. I'm now a 32-inch waist. After three years, I haven't gained a pound back. I feel great. I don't have the crazy jittery feeling.

Dr. Oz does specials all the time about how over two-thirds of the supplements out there are scams because they don't have authentic hoodia in here. Hoodia is the cactus plant that the Africans used to live off way back in the day to go five or six days to hunt their prey without food. We have authentic hoodia in Healthe Trim.

SKEERY JONES: And I know that because I've checked your website and I've looked into it and you guys have the documents to back it up, that this is the real deal hoodia.

MATTHEW DWYER: And by no means is Dr. Oz endorsing Healthe Trim, but he says that all 17 ingredients in Healthe Trim are not only safe, they're very, very healthy for you. SKEERY JONES: What about this Resveratrol I've

been reading about?

MATTHEW DWYER: Yeah, Resveratrol is the grape red wine extract, okay? I encourage your listeners to Google the Harvard study on Resveratrol. There's just so many anti-aging benefits and healthy benefits to Resveratrol. Listen, everything that's in one capsule of Healthe Trim, it's just 17 fruits and vegetables. You get great energy from the green tea. There's 175 milligrams from green tea in one capsule, which is equivalent to about a 16-ounce Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks cup of coffee.


MATTHEW DWYER: Do I know that Healthe Trim is the best all-natural supplement in the world? No, I do not. But here's what I do know, Healthe Trim absolutely works and we have a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee.

SKEERY JONES: So, what's the phone number? How can people get their hands on some Healthe Trim?

MATTHEW DWYER: It's 800-456-TRIM. That's 800-456-8746 or HealthyTrim.com.

SKEERY JONES: So, HealthyTrim.com. And what's that number again?

MATTHEW DWYER: 800-456-TRIM. That's 800-456-8746 or HealthyTrim.com.

SKEERY JONES: Matthew, the phone lines are lighting up. Can you stick around for just a little bit?

MATTHEW DWYER: Yeah, man, I'll stick around.

SKEERY JONES: Cool. All right, we're going to answer some of those questions in just a little while and we have more coming up right after this.

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