copy platform

Theme of advertising campaign.

A concept on the basis of which a performance marketing campaign is to be created. Usually spells out the value proposition, the offer and the opening statement of the piece.

A copy platform is a plan for use by the copywriter that defines the basic theme of the advertising campaign and serves as a guide for writing an advertisement; also called copy strategy. Much the same as a political platform, the copy platform discusses the issues to be considered and describes the fundamental elements, such as slogans, visual symbols, and associations, to be built around the product (or service). It will also discuss the profile of the target audience, the product or service’s claims, the kinds of appeals to be used, the customer needs that the product or service will satisfy, and the image to be created, as well as the style, tone, and implications of the finished advertisement. An agency will often use a copy platform in a client proposal, to give the client an idea of the creative work that will be done, before actually writing the advertisement. The platform can also be designed, after the advertising agency has been hired by the advertiser, as a kind of overview of the upcoming campaign.

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