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Opening disclaimer: The following is a paid program for Focus Factor, brought to you by Vitalbasics. 


THIS PRODUCT IS A DIETARY SUPPLEMENT. IT NUTRITIONALLY SUPPORTS NORMAL BRAIN FUNCTION. IT IS NOT A TREATMENT FOR DISEASE. This product is not intended to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or any other mental illness. If you or your child suffer from mental illness, consult a physician for proper treatment.

TITLE SCREEN UP: “Brain Starvation”

Karen Newton: I kept thinking, it’s just approaching middle age. I couldn’t sit down and watch a TV show or read a book without falling asleep. Because I was just so tired.

Lois Miller: I didn’t think of it as brain starvation. I thought of it as loss of energy... older age... being able to keep up. Anthony Lazzaro: The most important part of your body is your brain. A lot of people forget to feed their brain the proper food.

Barbara Clemente: Actually I went to a doctor and said, “I’m tired all the time. I can’t concentrate. I’m forgetting words.” And he told me this was normal—that this was aging and that I should just get used to it.

Cheryl Lee: When a 7 year-old is concerned about his acceptance in class and feeling good about himself and not having any friends... and being separated from his friends in the lunchroom, that, to me, is more of a concern than just being an active young boy.

Tom Newton: There’s so many things about the brain that we don’t understand...

Susette O’Neal: It’s very important that you feed your brain—this is the thing that’s going to carry you through the next 50 or 60 years.

I Bill: Welcome to the Vitalbasics Health Show. These people and millions just like them have made a shocking discovery. Despite the abundance of food in this country, despite the fitness craze, people still feel tired and mentally drained. Several months ago on this program we interviewed a leading expert in nutrition who is generating controversy with his assertion that there's a nationwide epidemic called "Brain Starvation" that affects men, women and children alike in this country. According to Dr. Kyi Smith, memory loss, poor concentration, mood swings and fatigue are causing a dangerous drop in effectiveness in the workplace and a higher level of tension and even anger in the home. He also introduced a new dietary supplement called Focus Factor that helps people with these everyday problems. Dr. Smith, welcome to the program again.

Dr. Smith: Thank you, Bill. Again, I'm very glad to be here.

Bill: What is brain starvation and what are the signs we might have it?

Dr. Smith: Brain starvation, basically, occurs to all of, I believe, us on a daily basis when we fail to consume the nutrients that our brain needs for optimal function. And the way we feel when this occurs is we feel sluggish and lethargic. The problem is, if we were organically farming in our backyard the fruits and the vegetables and growing poultry and cattle like they did in the early 1900’s in the backyard of the farm, and we were producing the grain products ourselves—taking the raw wheat, grinding it up and making the bread—we would have all the nutrients we needed from our diet. But we don’t live that way anymore. The way we live is we go to the supermarket and we buy processed foods... the processed grain examples that we used, where literally the magnesium, the Vitamin B6 and other neuro-factors have been removed from the grain and not added back after processing. Now, here's another key, we humans have been manipulating our brain for years, our whole lives to try to change how we feel. A good example is chocolate, caffeinated beverages, even candies and sugar will alter brain chemistry and enhance neurotransmitters. The problem is they do it artificially.

Bill: But it’s not just you, you know, Dr. Smith saying this. This is being widely reported in the mainstream press. First one: Pain and fatigue are the two most common health related problems that cause people to seek help from their health practitioners. Words they use to describe their condition include: exhaustion, lethargy, inability to sleep at night combined with inability to stay awake during the day.

Dr. Smith: Bad combination.

Bill: Another one and this was a headline in USA Today, it was a cover story on it. It said, our lives are all crumpled up with stress, multi-tasking, high expectations, lack of manners. Now we're amid a new epidemic of anger, sometimes deadly anger. Now that we know that this is serious problem, tell us, what is Focus Factor and what does it do?

Dr. Smith: Focus Factor fills that huge gap of nutrients that’s missing from every one of our diets. In other words, it helps to ensure that we consume the nutrients we need every day for healthy and optimal function for both the brain and the body. But Focus Factor actually goes one step beyond that. Focus Factor fills that gap with nutrients that have been shown in science to be some of the best quality, both natural ingredients... ingredients that have a high absorption in the human body. This is very important. If we want to make an impact on our health, we need to consume natural ingredients and ingredients that are very absorbable to the body.

Bill: Recently we took our cameras out across the country. We went from the east coast to the west coast and back again to find out how brain starvation affects people on a day to day basis, and how Focus Factor helps them get back to a normal productive lifestyle. Our first stop was Cleveland, Ohio and this highlights the fact that Focus Factor really is a supplement for the whole family. Tom Newton is the Midwest regional promotion's manager for Electra Records. His wife Karen is a medical transcriptionist and they have two school age daughters, Katie and Jackie. Take a look...

Newton family testimonial:

Tom Newton: One of things that really brought it home for me was, my boss called me out on a conference call and asked me a question. It was a simple question. And I wasn’t paying attention. And, y’know, in front of all your peers, you’re like, what was the question? [laughs]... and you just kind of see your career slowly slipping away.

Karen Newton: I’d find myself dozing off at the movie theatre because I was tired. But I thought, I have too much on my plate, I need more help at home... I’d be just yelling at the kids—they need to help me more and he needs to help me—and... so yeah, I was just running on empty for a couple of years there.

Tom/Karen Newton: Karen: One morning I just woke up and literally I felt good. And I thought, this has got to be Focus Factor working. Tom: Did you ever notice the difference in your mood from a Monday morning to a Friday afternoon? Well, I remember distinctly the first time I took it, because it was a Monday morning, and I remember taking the Focus Factor—doing my shower and all that. And then when I actually got to my office, it was like, All right, I feel like Friday afternoon for some reason! I couldn’t figure that out. But, that was the beginning, and that’s the kind of feeling I had a continue to have.

Karen Newton: You just find, like, that you’re in a better mood, you have more enthusiasm, you have more patience. It just gets the cobwebs out and everything. You make the most of your day.

Katie Newton: When I’m on soccer field and taking Focus Factor I feel more confident and alert and energetic. Jackie Newton: I have to get up and go to school every day. I have homework every day. I work almost every day. And Focus Factor just gives me enough energy to go on with my life, like, with a little bit more energy and not as tired as I used to be.

Bill: (Wonder Women introduction): One of the real tests of a product is how quickly the word gets around about it. If everybody’s talking about something, it must be pretty good... and by all accounts, a lot of people are talking about Focus Factor, as in this next clip. Lois Miller is a professional real estate broker in Maryland, and she was feeling the effects of “brain starvation.” Focus Factor worked so well for her, that she immediately gave some to her nieces.

Lois Miller: My ability to concentrate was... was non-existent. Practically non-existent. My focus was just horrible. I had very bad moods, and my energy level was drained.

Lois Miller: I was seriously considering retiring.

Bridgett Steele: It’s frustrating to not be able to take charge of how I feel. For example, late afternoon when I don’t feel like doing my work I fought through it... I worked through it. But in hindsight, it’s frustrating because I wasted so much time.

Coralie Miller: I was having a real problem with my energy level. Coming up on my 43rd birthday I just figured I’m getting old and I just can’t keep this pace up anymore.

Lois Miller: I heard about Focus Factor on Coast-to-Coast Radio. And it was, like I said, I was in my bed that morning. I was so tired I was thinking about not going in to work And I heard about Focus Factor and I said, I think I just have to order it.

Bridgett Steele: As a family, we exercise together a tremendous amount. We walk the dogs, we run together, we perform all kinds of outdoor activities, and Focus Factor has been incorporated into that very busy, active life.

Coralie Miller: One of the things you do when you are not able to focus is to stop and grab a snack or something to keep your energy level up. The side result is I’m finding it very easy to maintain not eating the office snacks and thereby keeping my weight off.

Lois Miller: Since taking Focus Factor, my memory is better, my concentration is better, my energy level is better. My ability to cope is better. My ability to endure... my endurance is better.

Bridgett Steele: By the end of the week I think you, as well as those around you, would notice that you can concentrate more—you can block things that would otherwise be distracting, out. Impediments that kept you from performing efficiently are gone, because you somehow find the ability to focus on what you’re doing. And your attention to detail will improve dramatically.

Coralie Miller: Of what I know, 3 different people—my aunt, my cousin, and myself—have tried it with 3 totally different body chemistries and have all, in our own way, had very successful results.

Bill: Can you talk a little bit about what's happening in the brain in terms of when our brain's working at full capacity and then when it's starving, as you say?

Dr. Smith: Absolutely, the best way we can do this is to actually take a look inside the brain. As you travel inside the brain you'll notice that tiny telephone lines called neurons carry nerve impulses. However, something unique happens. No two neurons actually connect to each other. They're separated by a gap called the synapse. Now the way the brain actually makes a connection is it makes a chemical connection with what's called a neurotransmitter. Neurotransmitters are formed from the nutrients that we consume from the foods that we eat. So, in our comparison of two neurons you'll see on the left side we have low production of neurotransmitters and on the right we have high production of neurotransmitters. This correlates quite frankly into how you feel. When production of neurotransmitters is high you have a great day. You feel like you can focus and concentrate on demand.

CTA #1 Bill: Folks, if you would like more information about Focus Factor. If you or your kids need help with focus, concentration, memory, energy or mood swings, please call the number at the bottom of you screen. Thanks to a special arrangement with Dr. Kyi Smith, you can now get on a 30-day risk free trial. Be sure to mention the Vital Basic's Health Show, and when you order you can even get a 30-day supply absolutely free. And we have a special bonus that we did not have available the last time we had Dr. Smith on this program - he has produced a special video that explains more about Focus Factor. This is such a remarkable, revolutionary dietary supplement, and it is so different from anything else out there, this video explains how to take it properly, more information about the ingredients and some fascinating facts on how it literally energizes your brain. This video is free with your order. Remember there are two formulas - there are berry-flavored chewables for children and the easy to swallow tablets for adults.

[Vitalbasics Health Show transition]

Bill: Right now, we are going to find out a little more about brain starvation in some very simply everyday terms, through the foods that we’re eating here. And Doctor Smith, you have some surprises for us.

Dr. Smith: We can not assume today that we receive all the nutrients we need from our diet for optimal brain function—for us to feel at our very best. Let’s start out with breakfast. Because of the way grain products are refined today in the milling process—from the grain to the refined flour, we can lose up to 90 percent of some nutrients. Let me show you what that means to us. If you start out with simple toast for breakfast, you’re gonna have to eat 10 slices to make up for the loss of nutrition in your one or two slices. You can find this referenced in government studies, so it’s valid information. Speaking of grain products... if we’re looking at cereal (and I love cereal myself)... you’d have to eat 10 servings to make up for the nutrient losses in that cereal. Now, taking our example to lunch... using the same information... there are nutrient losses in the luncheon meat and in the vegetables (as we’re going to see). You’d have to make three triple-decker sandwiches to make up for the nutrient losses in these foods.

Bill: I hope you're hungry. That’s just incredible

Dr. Smith: Now, this is real information and it’s not exaggerated. Notice we don’t have junk food up here... we don’t have fast food. These are real foods.

Bill: yeah, these look like wholesome foods like we’re supposed to eat every day.

Dr. Smith: Exactly. Let me give you a real strong example... as if these weren’t strong already. In the case of broccoli, asparagus and green beans, the American Medical Association Council on Food and Nutrition, they state that nutrient losses can be so severe in vegetables, that by the time they get from the farm to the greengrocer, they can lose up to 90% of some nutrients. Now, these are what we call “fresh” vegetables. In the case of canned peas, you can lose up to 75 percent of vitamins B5 and B6 which are both neuro nutrients—nutrients the brain uses. Let’s bring it to dinner. Taking all this information we put together, you’re gonna have to eat 5 servings of tomato sauce to make up for that loss. And then we’re back to our grain example—10 servings of the pasta. Because of food storage and food processing, there are losses of nutrients. And if you don’t make up for that by taking a good quality nutritional supplement, like Focus Factor, you’re gonna suffer.

Bill: And folks, think about your own diet. Chances are you’re not eating this healthy. Chances are you are sneaking in a lot of junk food... fast food... that kind of thing. So Focus Factor becomes really an essential supplement. I want to introduce to you right now a professional racecar driver named Anthony Lazzaro. Anthony is on the LeMans Series, which are races that last anywhere from three hours to twenty-four hours, and in his profession his mind, his brain is literally going at 180 miles per hour. So, you can really imagine how focused and alert his brain has to be and how he has to be. Now we caught up with him at a race in Sebring, Florida, and here's what he says about Focus Factor...

Anthony Lazzaro My career has been very, very good so far. I’ve won numerous championships in open-wheel cars. I’ve won races in sports cars. To get the pole positions, to get the fastest race laps, to get the race wins, you need that edge... and with Focus Factor I have that edge. Your reactions, and what you do in the race car—I mean, we’re traveling at 180 miles per hour, we’re making split second decisions—your reaction times are everything. And if you’re not at the top of your game, and you’re not mentally prepared for what you’re about to do, you can get in big trouble. Right now, I’m taking Focus Factor about 30-45 minutes before I get in the car. It’s part of my daily routine. A lot of people watch their diets, they watch what they eat, they work out, they have different activities that they do for their body, but a lot of people forget about the brain. Focus Factor is brain food. It’s what your brain needs to think more clearly. Your brain’s telling your body what kind of energy level you’re going to have. Focus Factor helps that. The results speak for themselves.

Bill: Here's what I'm thinking with Anthony's story, is that if Focus Factor works for someone like him who is under incredible pressure. I mean he's going nearly 200 mph, I mean that's his job. He drives almost 200 mph for a living. I can only imagine what it would do for the rest of us who aren't perhaps under that kind of pressure all the time.

Dr. Smith: Anthony has taken Focus Factor to extremes that we'll never have in our lives.

Bill (Al Demitri introduction):

Al Demitri lives in Florida, and he plays golf almost every single day: He has a tremendous swing, and take a look at this...

Al Demitri: I had friends who would come down from up north, from Ohio, and down here to Florida on vacation and you stand there and you couldn’t maybe remember his first name and here he was a chumming buddy all the way through high school y’know? And then, once I started taking Focus Factor, I noticed that names were easier...

I don’t walk into a room and forget what I was going into the room for. And I had problems before. I focus more on cars, where I’m a better and safer driver. The word “Focus” for golf is important as it is for anything. And when I heard the words Focus Factor on the radio, it seemed like it would be something I would like to try. My putting is tremendous now. My drives are going almost 30 yards farther. There’s not a member I don’t play with—and I play with over a hundred here—that can’t vouch for that. I can only say that Focus Factor has done tremendous stuff for me. I mean, just generally...! don’t know how to put it. I’m happy. You ever get so happy you’re at a loss for words?

Bill (Susette O’Neal intro): We spoke with Susette O’Neal in San Diego. She has a young son named Eric who was really having a tough time focusing and staying on-task. She says it was really a challenge for her and her husband. But because of Focus Factor, there’s a happy ending. Take a look...

Susette O’Neal: We have a lot of different things that we do in our lives that we take pride in, and one of those things are our children. To me, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my kid. I want them to have every advantage that they can possibly have. Prior to him taking the product, the other kids made fun of him. Y’know, that really made him feel like he wasn’t good enough. But since he started taking that, now he can concentrate, he has confidence, he’s able to do the work, he’s able to learn, and that’s something I feel really good about because I didn’t think he could do it before. Really, you have to decide on what would you do to give your kid a better chance, better confidence, and better ability? I can’t say enough about it... how it took a frustrated family—mother and father—and now we are just so happy. It’s like the burden’s off our back now, so we have been telling everybody about Focus Factor. And I hope that other people use it because it will make a difference in your life and your child’s life.

CTA #2 Bill: And folks, I urge you to call right now and take advantage of Dr. Kyi Smith's special offer on Focus Factor. You can get a 30-day supply today with your order absolutely free, and if you call right now, you'll also get his new video. It explains more about Focus Factor, how to take it for best results, information about the ingredients and additional ways you can get the most out of your brain to improve focus, memory, mood, concentration and energy. There is a formula for kids and one for adults, and I really want to stress here that if you keep doing what you've always done, you're going to keep getting the same results. But this is your chance to do something different. To get your life back on track at work; this is also for your kids, to help them build brighter minds; and to our friends watching right now who are seniors, this can improve your quality of life so dramatically. So, call now and try Focus Factor. It's guaranteed safe and effective or your money back, and be sure to ask about that special offer. If the line is busy, keep trying, do make that call.

[Vitalbasics Health Show transition]

Bill: My guest is Dr. Kyi Smith who is an expert in nutrition, pediatrics and anti-aging and the creator of Focus Factor. We featured Dr. Smith on this program several months ago and the response has been nothing less than remarkable. Now, Dr. Smith, for viewers who are just tuning in, can you briefly explain, "What is Focus Factor?" and "What is it going to do for us?"

Dr. Smith: Focus Factor is basically nourishment for our brain, and what it does is it provides the nutritional factors that our brain needs to produce mental energy and neurotransmitters. Now what this means to us is Focus Factor essentially supports optimal focus, concentration, and memory in adults, teens and seniors.

Bill: And, again, this is natural?

Dr. Smith: This is a natural product, yes.

Bill (Barbara Clemente introduction): I want you to meet one more Focus Factor success story. This is Barbara Clemente. She lives in Maryland, and she’s a health care consultant and also works with her husband in his accounting practice.

Barbara Clemente It was a very frustrating, hopeless situation, because I was in constant pursuit of trying to solve this problem—trying to figure out why I was tired... why I couldn’t concentrate... why I couldn’t get more things done during the day. At that point in time I was under the impression that I was just getting older, and this was the way it was to be. Although we did try every vitamin on the shelf—we pillaged the health food stores. I have yellow stickies everywhere. On cabinets in the kitchen, all over my desk, on the mirror in my bathroom. I mean, it was just... how I was going to get through was to post up what it was I was supposed to do or what I needed to remember. On a scale of one to ten, Focus Factor has helped me at 15. I have energy, I can concentrate. I can do multiple things at the same time and not get confused. I don’t forget words anymore. The changes are amazing. We can spend more time now with our grandchildren, as well as the rest of our family, because we’re not so tired. I’m not afraid of getting older, now that I have the Focus Factor. Because the decline was so great in terms of energy and memory, that I thought, surely within a couple years I will not remember anything, and be sitting in this chair, just sitting here. But now, the energy is back— the ability to go out and do things, stay up, keep all these balls in the air at the same time.

Bill: If you have a child who has trouble focusing and concentrating and you know that they're bright intelligent kids, I want you to meet Cheryl Leigh. During dur road trip we went through Texas and visited Cheryl in her home. We were very moved by her story. Her son's name is Blake and he was having a lot of difficulty, even at home, and listen to Cheryl and see if you can relate to her frustration...

Cheryl Lee: It’s a tremendous amount of strain and pressure... and just the guilt alone, as I mentioned earlier, can put a lot of stress on any kind of family. And it wasn’t just the school. I mean, we couldn’t go anywhere as a family. We didn’t want to get sitters for him... we didn’t want to go anywhere, we didn’t want to go on family vacations because we were not sure at any point in time how Blake was going to react or respond to certain kind of other situations. So it really—“imprisoned” is a strong word, but it really imprisons your family until you understand what it is you’re dealing with. Focus Factor is part of our family now because it has transformed my family into an environment that is joyful and peaceful and productive and smiling! About a week or ten days into Blake taking Focus Factor, he came home from school and he had a really good day at school. He talked about his friends. He talked about feeling like he belonged. Getting asked to play on certain sports at school. And that’s when I knew we had our son back. And his life has changed. He went from saying, “I have no friends, I don’t want to go back to school, I don’t even know why you have a son like me...” to “Gosh, Mom, all the kids at school picked me first today, and I had so much fun today, and I got to sit with all my friends at the lunch table.” Those are words of joy to a mother.

Blake Lee: I feel very happy... and I just think I’m a good boy and a smart boy.

Cheryl Lee: You want to believe in miracles, but you never really know. I mean... and I use the word miracle and I mean that. I really had never believed that something so miraculous could happen so quickly. And I didn’t believe there was something out there that could make such dramatic changes in Blake and in our lives. My son has been given a second chance—and I feel like my prayers have been answered.

Bill: That is a tremendous story. And you know what I noticed about that, you know, Blake is such a cute kid but when you look into his eyes, you can really see that he's energetic, he's really focused now, and most importantly when it comes to kids, he's really happy. So this really does help people all across the spectrum - kids, men, women, baby boomers certainly who are starting to feel the affects of getting older, and seniors, at that end of the spectrum.

Dr. Smith: Everyone benefits when they feed their brain.

Bill: And you have made an impact in my life as well and I want to talk about that a little bit. Because in our last program folks, if you saw it, I told a story about this great big thick book that I picked up and read because I was taking Focus Factory and it was about the American Revolution and I was able to remember all kinds of things. So I'll tell you what, let's roll the clip…

Bill from previous show: “I started reading this 400-page book... very dense, very dry... and what I found was, I’m remembering everything virtually in this book. I’m remembering the names of British Lords and generals and dukes and battle sites and chains of events that happened. This book literally came alive to me... not only as I was reading it, but after, my comprehension was extraordinary.”

Bill: And I have to say, since that program aired, things just seem to get better and better and better, it's sort of a cumulative affect. A couple of things that I notice. First of all, my memory just seems to keep getting better. And just a very small example is, I was listening to talk radio the other day and someone mentioned a web address, and Internet address, one time. I got into work the next morning, opened my computer, and I knew that web address. It was right there. So one thing I can do is visualize things better, which helps me to remember. The second big thing is multitasking. In the past, when I would get all different projects thrown at me at once, I would panic. Because it just seemed so overwhelming. Since taking Focus Factor what I find is I can more calmly prioritize things. I can focus on each task better, which means I get it done more quickly generally. And I can just get the projects done faster. So that just eases all of that stress that normally would have come down on me.

Dr. Smith: That's great.

Bill: I want to thank you very much for coming back on the program today and allowing us to share these dramatic stories with you.

Dr. Smith: I thank you and I thank you for sharing your story.

CTA #3 Bill: We're simply out of time. If you'd like more information about trying Focus Factor for yourself, it's a 30-day risk free trial. If you or your kids need help with focus, concentration, memory, energy or mood swings, please call the number at the bottom of your screen right now. Focus Factor's unique and natural blend of vitamins, minerals, botanicals and special cutting edge nutrients, help to energize and revitalize tired brain cells, [cut to brain animation] Let’s go inside the brain to show you what happens. These are brain cells that need to be energized to keep you mentally sharp. And these pulses of neurotransmitters are what fed the cells their energy. On the left is sluggish neurotransmitter activity. On the right is energized activity. As y6u heard Dr. Smith say, when you feed your brain the right nutrients, you naturally energize it. Focus Factor feeds the brain in a big way. The 5 benefits most often reported are better focus, memory, mood, concentration, and energy, way You'll feel refreshed, mentally sharp, alert, focused and energetic and that's guaranteed or you get your money back, [back to Bill] So call now and be sure to ask about the Dr.'s special offer. If the line's busy, please keep trying, but do make that phone call. Thanks for watching the Vital Basics health program. I'm Bill Begley... take good care of yourself and God Bless.

Closing disclaimer: The preceding was a paid program for Focus Factor, brought to you by Vitalbasics.


THIS PRODUCT IS A DIETARY SUPPLEMENT. IT NUTRITIONALLY SUPPORTS NORMAL BRAIN FUNCTION. IT IS NOT A TREATMENT FOR DISEASE. This product is not intended to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or any other mental illness. If you or your child suffer from mental illness, consult a physician for proper treatment.

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