yes/no offer

YES/NO option is a response option on a reply form that allows the recipient to say no or yes to the offer. In print some yes/no options provide a slot for inserting one of two tokens marked either yes or no.

Other promotions use check boxes, stamps, or seals.

“No” responses are usually entered to a segment for later use as a promotion and rental list.

Another type of yes/no option includes a “maybe” response, which the marketer considers an order with full cancellation and/or refund privileges or as an inquiry.

Yes/no options are used primarily in sweepstakes promotions, which, in many jurisdictions, legally must allow the recipient to enter the sweepstakes regardless of whether a purchase is made. Most sweepstakes promotions receive three times as many noes as yeses.

A yes/no offer with a free bonus is utilized in all those heavily regulated niches, including insurance in some jurisdictions, which do not allow for any inducement toward the sale. Hence companies willing to promote with a free bonus tactics in those businesses have to give it out to both “yes” and “no” prospects.

Synonyms: yes/no option, yes/no/maybe offer, yes/no/maybe option

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