types of sales

1. coupon sale

A device used by some publishers to reduce surplus inventory, particularly on a high-priced product. A coupon is printed and distributed that states its face value will be applied to any purchase of the stated product prior to the expiration of the date shown. Such sale coupons, often identified as “Valuable Coupon,” are either mailed or distributed at meetings and conventions.

2. extended offer sale

A sale offer in which the original sale expiration date has been extended. One technique used is to overprint on the cover copy or front panel of a sale catalog or promotion piece announcing that the sale has been extended.

3. half-price sale

A surplus inventory sale in which all offerings are 50% off list price. Also referred to as a white sale.

4. inventory-reduction sale,

Usually a mail-order sale offering selected product from the actively sold products list at special prices or discounts to encourage sales of products considered to be surplus inventory or thought to be over-priced for certain markets. Such sales invariably cover a specific time span and have a cut-off date after which they return to regular prices.

5. premium offering sale

To encourage larger orders, sellers may permit customers to select a free product from a premium list, or to receive a specified product without charge if they order more than a certain number of other products being offered, or if their total order exceeds a set dollar amount.

6. seasonal sale

Sale tied to a particular season, such as spring or fall.

7. single flat price sale

A surplus inventory sale in which all products are offered at a single flat price. One seller celebrating his 95th anniversary had a number of high-price products all on sale at $95.00.

8. variable discount sale

A surplus inventory sale in which discounts may vary from product to product within the sale offering.

9. varied net price sale
A surplus inventory sale in which each product shows two prices – the established list price and the sale price. Discount is not mentioned.

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