selection criteria

Definition of characteristics that identify segments or subgroups within a list.

Selection criteria most often pertain to a list selection made on the basis of some characteristic of the individuals on the list, such as income, age, occupation, purchase history, source, geographic location, lifestyle, number of children, gender, education level, and so forth.

List selection criteria are chosen according to the marketer’s experience that certain criteria are better predictors of positive response to a mailing or other promotion.

For example, if most of a marketer’s current customers live in Texas, she will select only Texan addresses. If she wishes to test non-Texan addresses, she will select based upon a criterion that will exclude Texan addresses, such as a list of ZIP code areas outside of Texas.

List rental selection charges are frequently based upon the number of selection criteria. As the number increases, the universe of available names decreases – that is, there are only so many blue-eyed, left-handed piano players in any one region.

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