continuity program

Products or services bought as a series of small purchases, rather than all at one time. Generally based on a common theme and shipped at regular or specific time intervals.

Continuity is a type of sale that comprises a senes ot sales made over time.

A closed-end continuity has a definite number of items to be delivered to the buyer.

An open-end, or ’til forbid continuity has no fixed number of shipments and will continue until the buyer is canceled for nonpayment or withdraws from the continuity program.

Examples: Encyclopedias are usually sold as closed-end continuities; cookbooks are frequently sold as open-end continuities. Continuity subscribers can stop buying at any time, unlike club members, who must fulfill a member commitment prior to canceling. However, open-end continuity buyers are much more likely to cancel.

Synonyms: open-end, open end, til forbid, closed-end, closed end, open-ended, close-ended

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