1. Treatment of advertisement copy, e.g. factual, hard­sell, softsell, emotional, bargain, humorous.
  2. Written matter intended to create contact and establish rapport with the reader.
  3. The basic idea or direction around which an advertisement is developed.
  4. Editorial approach (in advertising) – a copy approach in which advertising matter is designed (or disguised) to look like editorial or news matter.

Examples for infoproducts, books etc.:

  • Copy approach to engineers. Copy to engineering audiences should stress newness and completeness of the work and the competence of the author to write the work. Specific features within the book should be clearly outlined. A single feature often can provide a buying incentive. Copy should indicate how the book will solve specific problems, help the reader to update professional skills or knowledge, advance himself or herself in a present job, or provide information that may be needed in the future.
  • Copy approach to lawyers. Emphasis should be on information from competent authority and how the book will speed their work.
  • Copy approach to special sales accounts. Typically, most prospects who may be sought after as special sales accounts, such as professional associations and societies, or business firms unfamiliar with bookselling practices, require special promotional approaches. These six benefits have been found helpful in special sales promotional approaches: (1) full selection option from publisher’s list; (2) opportunity for product or service diversification; (3) opportunity to broaden customer base; (4) for member organizations, opportunity to improve member services; (5) increase income/earnings with little or no effort or investment; (6) complement or enhance their current offerings.
  • Journals copy approach. Journals sell largely on their perceived need and their role as a forum for research results within their specialized field. Journals copy should therefore stress how content provides latest research results, satisfies information needs, and keeps readers informed on current developments within the journal’s scope.
  • Scientific and technical book copy approach. Stress should be given to changing developments in the field and the currency of the work. Content is extremely important; many such works will sell on the strength of the contents listing. The authority of the author is also important.

Synonyms: copy approach

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